I was at the cocal from may 21-27 then did the del rey for 1 night
Cocal action was off the charts everyday but monday (26th) when it slowed down considerably.
My first night wednesday there was about a 4-1 ratio i did an old friend then another old friend and her friend(nice double $60 each)
thursday friday and saturday i was with a beauty i met at orange pub last december
sunday i spent with a girl i met on my first trip to jaco
monday back with little beauty.
last day del rey i met a girl from tagged (not a hard core pro) good time.
Jaco i found 2 pretty good restaraunts Graffiti and amancios
cocal exchange rate sucked 500-1 + they raised the price of local beer from 2000 to 2100
wallmart exchanged at 546-1 and scotia bank by cocal 545-1 you need your passport for both.
cocal had a good amount of girls during the daytime this trip.
my favorite bar Bohio is now closed.