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Thread: Jaco Taco

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    An Update...

    I was at Croc's last night (Sunday Night), and there were TONS of working girls in there. However, it is true that those girls were working on a strictly "low key" basis. Also, quite a few of the bartenders and casino dealers made it quite clear that they were available for "after-hours activities." My impression was that they were all high-dollar girls, which is not surprising, considering the venue and the amount of Los Sueños guys that were present last night.

    I recognized at least 5 girls who are now bartenders and casino dealers, who are former working girls in Jaco (or perhaps they still are... who knows?).

    I also noticed that it is extremely easy to get drunk when your drinks are free. In true Las Vegas fashion, Croc's gives all casino players their drinks for free.
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