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    Havana Nights

    My trip to Havana was enlightening in many respects. The process of getting there, the architecture, politics and people all merit comment, but given the nature of this board, I will limit myself to chicas cubanas topics.

    I arrived in Havana in mid-afternoon and checked into my casa in Havana Centro. It was a small one bedroom apartment with a queen size bed. Clean and adequate. It was about 4 blocks from Casa Musica Havana, so after a get acquainted walk around the neighborhood, that is where I headed.

    Casa Musica is on Calle Galiano, about 4 blocks from the Malecon (seaside road). It is a popular club that brings in the better musicians. From the outside, it is nondescript. There is a bouncer. I was quoted an entrance fee of 6 CUC, but the ticket booth only charged 5 CUC. This was still a matinee. I think the night shows (which don’t start until 11:00p.m.), are more. The cost also depends on the band playing.

    Walking in, I see a stage, with a salsa band playing. There is a dance floor in front of the stage, with tables on two levels, surrounding the dance floor. There are two bars. At 7:30 p.m., it is full, but not unpleasantly crowded.

    I take what I view as the safe route, going to the rear bar and ordering a beer. I am wondering if I will get ripped on the price. A tall dark girl has already positioned herself next to me. I get the usual come on. She asks for a drink. Her buddy is now on the other side of me. The bartender (they are all guys) wants to know if I need three beers. I do not. This is way too fast, and these gals are pros. I pay 2 or 3 CUCs for the beer and wander to the side of the room, where there’s another bar.

    I listen to the salsa and watch the dancing. The music is new to me, but not unpleasant. Certainly preferable to reggae, rap or mariachi. At least two thirds of the dancers are women….and it’s not clear to me how many are available….although I suspect a fair number are.

    As people pass, I get a look and “hola” from several girls. Clearly they are friendly. But while I am slender and fit, my Spanish is limited, and I’m easily old enough to be their fathers…so I can see there is a sexual undercurrent. People are dancing in the aisles, and soon a young woman is near me, moving to the music. I ignore her for a few moments, but eventually smile and say hello. I buy her a drink and she helps me with a little salsa. She is nice and pleasant, slender but not overly attractive. Probably a 5 or 6. I say bye and slide a few feet down the bar. I try to catch the eye of a pretty girl on the main dance floor (without success).

    Soon another girl has moved near me. She also sways to the music. She is about 5’7”, slender and wearing a mid-thigh length skirt with a tight blouse and small jacket. Not a model, but a classically attractive Spaniard. I would say a 7 or 8. Age 23, no kids. Most importantly, she seems very nice. Her English is as limited as my Spanish….so while we talk a little…and I get more salsa help…this is more about chemistry.

    After a couple drinks and lots of smiles, I decide to get down to business. In my halting Spanish, I ask if she would like to leave Casa de Musica and visit my casa. I am delighted when she immediately agrees. The terms are unclear…she is not asking for money, and I sense that this is toda la noche.

    We take a biki-taxi a few blocks to my casa. She is full of smiles. We arrive and have a drink, turn on more music, and I get more salsa lessons (this style of dancing does not come easy to me). She is a really pleasant girl. For purposes of this story, she now needs a name. I will call her Gloria.

    It has been a long day of travel for me, and I am ready to retire early. We disrobe and I have a chance to appreciate Gloria’s perfect slim body. We consummate the evening in memorable fashion.

    The morning light, with the sounds of an awakening Cuban apartment building, provides a second opportunity for memories. Again, Gloria is wonderful.

    I invite Gloria to breakfast, and ask her to select a nice venue. She takes me about 10 blocks to Hotel La Inglaterra which is on Havana’s Central Park. It is said to have been a favorite of Jose Marti. We eat on the terrace and watch the classic cars drive by.

    At this point, I expected Gloria to excuse herself, with the customary peck on the cheek. But to my surprise, she was ready to hang with me as I explored the City. In addition to being a pretty companion, she was a fine guide. We put on a number of miles before returning to my casa.

    We went out for a nice dinner and then came back to my casa. She mentioned that her feet hurt from all the walking and asked if I could help out with some new sneakers….and some shampoo. It would cost her 60 CUC. I was more than happy to take care of it.

    I was also pleased she would spend another night, and it was once again a fine experience. But I realized I wanted a little variety. So in the morning I explained that I would like to explore some more, but “sola”. I could see this made her sad….which bothered me. I suggested we have breakfast, and then get together at about 9:00 in the evening. She would select a club to visit. She agreed and we had a simple breakfast. She included a pizza to go. (No problem for me, if it helped her or her family).

    I had mentioned to Gloria that I wanted to go to the Plaza de Revolution. I made the trip (which was an interesting story in itself), and took a few pictures. Then I went to Calle Obispo, which is a narrow cobblestone pedestrian street, lined with bars, shops, hotels and other entertainment. There were women available there, but not conspicuously (Cubans are not supposed to interact with tourists). But a girl’s reaction to a short direct glance usually told the story. In the course of an hour, I had a couple opportunities, but not quite to my liking.

    While I was standing at a corner, a woman (Elaine) approached. We started talking. She was slender and pleasant, with a girl next door appearance. Probably a 7. She was available, and we were starting to set a date for 5:00 p.m at my casa. I gave her the address. But looking over her shoulder, I saw policia behind her…..I immediately headed down the street. I did not need to deal with policia in a communist country. Looking back, I could see she had to provide her identification, and probably received a warning for associating with a tourista.

    All of this called for a drink, so I entered the nearest venue. Walking in, I noticed an attractive blond in a tight dress at the bar. While I would usually keep my distance in such a situation, I broke that rule and claimed the stool next to her. Ordered my mohito. Amazingly, an even prettier brunette sat down on the other side of me. Of course a conversation ensued, and a couple drinks were consumed. I really liked the brunette. She said she was on the Cuban national swim team…and looked like she could have been. I put her at a 9 and her blond friend at an 8. But it is also clear they are friends and this is a package deal, which is more action than I need. Still, they are beauties. They want 100 CUC for both, plus biki-taxi fare to my casa (3 CUC). I relent, and we agree on 85 CUC plus a separate biki-taxi, and I will pick up some beer enroute to my casa. After getting the beer, both of our biki-taxis are stopped by policia. Presumably, the policia find two girls in a taxi following a single guy in a taxi, to be suspicious. The girls seem to know the policia, and we are allowed to continue.

    We get to my place and break open the beer. The stereo goes on and I get more salsa lessons. I have already taken pictures of the girls, and now we do more. They really ham it up, trying to be as sexy as they can. This is a single guy’s dream.

    We retire to the bedroom and get comfortable. I give each girl a back rub…and ask them if they would like to try a small battery powered toy. Each jumps at the chance…and the fun continues. Then, they turn their attention to me…and it’s a fine experience.

    Well, after a while, it’s time to square up with the girls. This is when I start sensing a problem. I don’t have as much CUC in my wallet as I thought I had. The girls want all CUC. I give them the CUC, plus some U.S., and they make a very hasty exit. This is when I finally start piecing the parts together. I had gone to a cadeca and changed some money earlier in the day. I knew what I started with and what I had spent. It didn’t add up. However, I had been wise enough to only carry what I intended to spend, so the loss was not huge. And I had installed a surveillance camera. So I went back and looked.…sure enough…when I had been distracted by the brunette, the blond had made a quick money grab. Largely my fault. I had been having a good enough time that I let my guard down (or maybe I should say I let my pants down with my wallet in them). A lesson learned…..but also a once in a lifetime good time.

    So now that I have figured things out and started cleaning up, I’m surprised by a knock on my door. I open it and…oh my god, its Gloria! Of course I invite her in, and while she visits the bathroom, get rid of the empty beer cans. I make a pretty good recovery and we start a nice conversation about what we did during the day. I mention that I went to the Plaza de Revolution (as I had said I would), and even flipped up a picture on my phone showing me standing in front of the wall mural of Che at the Plaza. I thought I had an airtight alibi….except she grabbed my phone and started thumbing through the pictures. I told her no and tried to get it back…but she was walking away with her back turned…looking at all the pictures. I was sunk.

    I apologized (needed to look up the words in my Spanish dictionary)…whined….apologized some more….apologized again…repeated. I could see she was disappointed. But she didn’t hit me…she didn’t yell …she just looked hurt. But she didn’t leave.

    We had talked earlier about going to a club that night called El Gato Tuerto. I asked if she would still go with me….I figured it was the least I could do. And she agreed….with a smile. She said she would go home and change clothes, and we would go out about 9:00 p.m.

    Wow…I was thinking about the day’s events…and realized I hadn’t eaten. It was about 6:00 p.m. and I needed to get out, get some food and walk around before Gloria returned. I went downstairs and out the front door of the apartment.
    Standing across the street was Elaine! We had talked about 5:00 p.m. before the policia had intervened. I thought the deal was over…but there she was! She must have been waiting for me for an hour. She was very nice..very sweet. But lordy, I did not have time for, or want, another girl. I decided to give her a little money, and send her on her way. But she was persistent, in a sweet way, and wanted to get together the next day. How could I say no? An 11:00 a.m. date was set.
    Gloria and I got together and took a taxi to El Gato Tuerto. She wore a little black dress and was stunning. El Gato was much smaller than Casa de Musica. More upscale, and with a little older crowd. A very pleasant evening indeed. But I felt sheepish the whole time. I was still (at least a little) ashamed.

    We came back to my casa. It was late, and we retired. I was sleepy, not to mention spent. I would not have felt right about intimacy. We slept a little latter in the morning. Still feeling a little small, I looked over at her. She smiled and said “necessita compassion”. I understood….and gladly obliged.

    Gloria needed to leave in mid-morning. That was fine. I knew Elaine would visit latter.

    Sure enough, right on schedule, Elaine arrived for our appointment. We had a nice talk (as best I could do, given my limited Spanish skills) and I got some more salsa lessons. We progressed to the bedroom and had a most enjoyable time. She was a very nice girl. Very slim and always smiling. We had agreed on 35 CUC. I paid 40 CUC and took her to lunch. Unlike Gloria, she did not want to walk with me (probably remembering the previous meeting with the policia). I followed a block behind her to her chosen restaurant. We had a very nice lunch….and as Gloria had done, she ordered enough to carry out. Oh well.

    I spent two more days in Havana, which included more exploring the City and a night at Casa de Musica Miramar. All with Gloria. All remarkable for what a wonderful companion and lover she was.

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    Wait just a minute here! You admit you have pics, but didn't post them?? What gives?

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