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Thread: Double Trouble in Havana

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    Double Trouble in Havana


    These gals helped themselves to some cash in my wallet.

    I met them in a bar on Calle Obispo. Originally, it was the blond I spoke to, and then her friend, the brunette (sorry I can't remember their names). The brunette claimed to have been a member of the Cuban national swim team.

    They wanted 100 CUC for both, plus biki-taxi fare to my casa. We had some soft negotiations, and agreed on 85CUC, taxi fare, and Cristel beer for a party. They must have been known to the policia, because their biki-taxi was stopped by the policia on the way. This should should have been a warning to me.

    Arrived at my casa, had some beer, got saalsa lessons, and they hammed it up for a bunch of pictures, one of which is attached. Then we started with the real fun....and it really was fun. They both appreciated a little toy that happened to be available.

    They complained that the music had stopped and they didn't know how to restart the cd player in the living room (another warning). So I dutifully left the bedroom (with the brunette following me) to restart the music. Needless to say, that is when the blond got into my wallet. She didn't clean it out, but took about half what was there. I didn't realize it until after they left. (I had it on surveillance) The good part was that I had been careful not to carry more than what I was prepared to spend that day. And this was still a once in a lifetime encounter with two really good lookers.

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    Sorry you got taken amigo. Gotta' watch those Cubanas...

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