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Gentlemen, There will be a trip report contest for this year. The top 5 winners will win free accommodations at the Super Bowl Villa in Medellin.

This contest/event is co-sponsored by Poblado Rentals

Winners will be selected by member vote. A poll will be posted on December 1, 2014, and will end December 15. Room picking order will be decided by contest placement.

This does not include airfare.

This will be the location of the Super Bowl House:

Poblado Rentals -combination of house 5 and 13 for 5 bedrooms. They next to each other

Winners will have access to the location from Thursday afternoon, until Monday after the party. Normal check out rules will apply on Monday.

How to participate:

Anyone may enter, provided your report involves a trip.

To enter, submit your report IN THE APPROPRIATE FORUM. And start a threat in this forum, and enter a link to your report.


Pictures are not required, but your fellow members will be deciding the winners, so it couldn't hurt your chances.

May the Broads be ever in your favor