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So... I guess we're all waiting to see what happens on June 3....


I'll be on a scouting trip on June 3. If anyone hears anything, please post it here so my phone will beep. I can't wait to hear the news.
My guess is there will be no real surprises. 99% of the time a penny stock is halted, it doesn't re-open to trading. The SEC doesn't just wave its suspension wand arbitrarily and suspend random stocks to have something to do. It is much more likely they dug into the deal and said "Hmmmm... Company with no money in the bank, buying offshore hotel from disbarred attorney... Yeah, lets look into this a little more..."

As much as I'd like to see this unsavory lot cash out and leave town, I think we're stuck with this group until they run out of money waiting for the big sucker.