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    I stayed this weekend at Cocal Beach Hotel room number 8. $169 a night for two nights. Room 8 is 10 steps from the pool bar which was convenient for the bathroom and entertaining when answering the question where are you staying.

    I arrived Friday night at midnight and the action had died down at the pool bar to very little so I needed to look elsewhere. In talking to several cab drivers for 15 minutes they explained the flow of the evening. Cocal Pool Bar 6 to 12. Then Orange Bar until 2. Then Loft until 4. So I did that. Both Orange and loft had similar dynamic. Greater ratio men to women. About half females p4p. Harder to maneuver and approach in that environment but just do it and you will be in play.

    Data points from orange and loft were $80 to $100 for 8 to 9 range without negotiation. 2 for $160. Pulled a Tica from Loft first night. No request for payment upfront. BBBJ without asking. Quality level 8 with very good GFE. Un rushed for two hours and she pulled out the third condom after I was finished second time to have me limp along and do her a third time.

    The first night was a good experience but the second night was great. I awoke at 11am and grabbed a diet coke and walked the beach. On one end there were two bars that had some minor partying but not worth checking out further. Maybe better later. Went back to Cocal and had fish tacos by the pool. Excellent food. Grabbed a Beer and hung out by the pool and in the pool. There were maybe 10 girls around 1 pm. One group came and asked if they could sit at my table. Chatted but wasn't interested. My cell died so I went back to the room to charge and nap.

    I was excited to check out the pool bar. I walked the 10 steps to arrive at 730 pm. I parked myself at an open chair at the bar and let the night unfold. At 730 there were 75 girls and 20 guys. The guy number stayed constant at 15 to 20 for the night. The girl number rose to 125 or more. A nice range of 7s to 9s. Hard pressed to call any a 10 but definitely a lot of hot girls. Not knowing what to expect I started drinking a beer and took it all in. Within 10 minutes two girls approached. I bought them drinks. Chatted with them although not interested to make it clear to other girls I was friendly, generous, and in play. I had them laughing and talking and having fun. Turned them away after 20 minutes. Both were available for two hours for $160 with money back guarantee. 7.5 in appearance with nice bodies. They were a plan C and kept resurfacing every 30 minutes which helps create a sense of demand.

    So I will stop for a second and share a bit of my philosophy. We talk of the GFE and all want it. I don't pull unless I will get it from an 8+. My objective is to create a bfe to confuse them and throw them off their game so that their little girl instincts take control and they then give GFE. This does not work on the super hardened ones so find the ones that are still somewhat innocent. So buy the a drink, make them laugh, compliment them, tell them you love them as you make a deep connection, talk about travellimg with them, visiting you in the states. Keep the BS going. Get them to talk. Save dollar talk until after you have made a connection and ask it like this "how much cab money do you need later" to get the info you need and keep bfe intact. Never bring up services. If the above is working and you can tell you will get competitive rate and she will be talking about the services and how good they will be. This approach has worked well for me most of the time.

    Back to the story. I kept my ass parked in the chair. Repeated the game plan above for 4 hours. I had most of the girls coming by. I bought 15 drinks for girls and 6 for me and had a great time doing this. I ended pulling one of the final girls I met where the bfe game seemed to work the best. A nica and 8+ rating. Walked the 10 steps to the room. Taxi fare was $100 and gave $120. No request for money upfront. 3 hours total GFE. BBBJ. A great time and great service. Wanted to stay the night but kicked her out to sleep.

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    Nice report, thanks. Not to sound like a cheap ass, but I couldn't help but do the math in my head about the drinks. Cocal isn't a cheap place to drink. I put your fun before the room at about $120-$150. That's all good if you don't mind spending the dough and are having a good time.

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    nice report on my last trip (always stay at cocal) I pulled a beauty from orange pub on a Monday night.
    Yes the drinks are not cheap (cocal) but you cant put a price on a good time(imperial at orange pub is only 1000).
    Everyone does things differently.....I said it before and I will say it again Cocal/jaco is not for the faint of wallet.
    Sounds like you had a real good time..cant wait for my next trip
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    Barrio Amon
    Where is the Orange bar

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    Between the Red bar and the Yellow bar would be my guess...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrio Amon View Post
    Where is the Orange bar
    It's the old Tabacon. If you're walking from Cocal towards Monkey Bar, it's between them, on the main road (Pastor Diaz), on the right (non-ocean side).

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