Not really a trip reports since I have lived here for 7 years but it is, kinda. Some friend and I visited the local establishments the other day and this is my reflection. It reflects only my opinion and not the opinion of the owner or the establishment I report in this report. Anyways, here goes. The Gringo Gulch area is gearing up for Halloween 2013, in San Jose. This past Saturday was a great day to be in the Gulch. Football, costumes and parties galore. The ********* in my opinion is still the best place in all of Costa Rica to catch a game. 14 big screen TV's and all of your pals, makes this place feel like a fraternity. Bill always has the FSU game on for me on at least 1 TV, if not multiple. I had a pleasant conversation with Tommy of the Mona Lisa, about what all was happening over there. There are a lot of positive things to report for you, the traveler. They now have safes for all the rooms, something that has been needed for quite some time. He has addressed the internet issue, contracted with a tech and should have full signal throughout the hotel, in the next few days. He has purchased new T.V.'s for all the rooms that didn't have them before and will be installing them in the next few weeks as well. All changes are sure to make your stay more enjoyable. I am really excited to see the changes.
The FSU vs N.C. State game was over by the end of the 1st quarter (35-0) and the Alabama vs Tennessee game was not far behind. In the 3rd quarter, my regular football pals and I decided to take a trip down to the new Scores and Zona II. They had not been there and wanted to see what all the fuss was about first hand. First stop is Scores (formally HLH) to show my friends the new bar and digital big screen TV's . The place was jumping with a lot of regulars that I know but my biggest surprise was seeing Nela behind the bar working. You might know Nela as the lady who has worked at the ********* for years. She and Rebecca were the last two what I consider originals at the *********. (Longest tenure I should say). Rebecca is still at the *********, still one of my favorites and is a doll. I was somewhat sadden because I spend most of my football and big sporting events at the ********* and now she is gone. She is one of my favorite bartenders and servers of all time. Teaming up with Carol is sure to be a great asset for Scores. They are hard combination to beat. Anyways, with her permission, I took a pic of her in her wonder woman outfit and wished her luck. (boy can she sure fill out that costume!) I spent some time in conversation with Kim, the new owner. I took her as a very nice lady who has made so many positive changes to the place since Jason and she took over. It's refreshing to see a Gringa in a guy's world, here in the gulch. I know it's a challenge but I think she and Jason has the right attitude and determination to pull it off. A little bit about the place, it now features very nice granite bar tops, big TV's, and they brought the big chairs back to relax in. However, those seats fill up quick. The kitchen is open and I hear the food is good. Didn't have time for any, but will check it out later. Jeff is still running the day to day operations and is always pleasant to chat with. I posted somewhere earlier that I was not going to comment on Scores until I felt the dust had settled, well I think it has. I see nothing but good things in the future for them. They now have 8 full time rooms and 4 short-time rooms for your enjoyment. Great bar, good food and a party atmosphere, is a hard combination to beat. On this day, the working girls was few but talented, at least what I could see from my point of view. Not as many ladies as I had expected but I feel this is about to change, as they tend to migrate where the guys are. That's why the D.R. and S.L. has been so successful over the years. Please leave your camera at home or at your hotel because Kim gets pretty upset if you try to snap a photo. I tried with my old IPhone 3 (too dark and no flash) and was asked not to do that. I totally understand and respect it.
Next stop, Big Jimmy and the Zona II, next door and on the corner. I was there on Jimmy opening night but had not been back since because of my hectic work load. Jimmy was there and so were the ladies. They were having a cowboy's night and the ladies did not disappoint. It was something different and nice to see them in those outfits. There seemed to be twice as many ladies at the Zona II as there was at Scores. I think it's a totally different concept. Zona has 4 full time suites and 8 short time rooms. The rooms are all new and the 4 fulltime rooms are spectacular, each with its own stripper poll. The short time rooms are newly remolded as well and each has a shower. The bar staff is very friendly and service is great. Only wish Jimmy had more of a sports bar atmosphere but I think he wants to take if back to more of the original Zona Blue days when Eddie had it. Not everyone likes the sports that I like and a lot of guys are down here for other real live contact sports, if you know what I mean. Wise Ash seems to be doing great in the cigar shop. Best selection in the entire gulch for you stogie smokers. Best of luck brother Jimmy, however, I don't feel like you will need it.

In conclusion, this week is Halloween week. If you were lucky enough to get a room somewhere in the gulch, you are in for the time of your life. If not, you might have to cab it or wish you were here. Parties galore and the ladies really take Halloween seriously. All kinds of sexy costume will fill San Jose bar and clubs in the next coming days. Flashes are sure to be going off and photos will surely be posted on a lot of the websites. Gotta love it. The Gringo gulch is alive and the walking dead are sure to arrive. It's the place to be this week. I personally think the gulch is stronger than ever. No way we had this many parties 10 years ago when I first came here. All places are unique and has something to offer for just about everyone. The Gulch is back and very soon word will get around that, contrary to what some have said and posted, this is and for a longest time, has always been, the place to be. Go by and visit the entire local establishment I talked about today and tell the the Bigg Dogg sent you. You'll be glad you did.

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