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      The injustice done to Cuba Dave wasn't so much a matter of legality, but of evolution.

      If you're a Tico, you can engage in prostitution, discuss it freely, pimp out your underage cousin, or any other sort of despicable act. But if you're a gringo, anything but flat out denying prostitution exists in Costa Rica is a crime.

      Most people from educated societies know that sometimes people are going to say things to you or about you that you won't like, true or not. And if you don't like what they say, you can either change things so what they're saying is no longer true, or learn to accept that people have opinions that differ than yours.

      If you walk through San Jose, it becomes obvious the people who designed the city haven't been wearing shoes more than two generations. So why would you think the judges were smarter than the architects?

      Much of the confusion comes from the mistaken assumption that Costa Rica is either modern or educated. It's a colonized culture that's never figured out how to make it on its own. The massive infusion of foreign currency has done little to resolve their determined poverty. The easiest way for you to understand their logic is to put your head in a vice and squeeze out a thousand years of evolution. Because if you're trying to make sense of what happened to Dave, and the disconnect of logic, that's the difference in our cultures, simple evolution.

      These are the same people that addressed a flu epidemic by lopping off a few thousand peoples' heads. Or thought they could gain the strength of their enemies, by eating them.

      Dave's lucky he didn't end up in a pot of soup.
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