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    The Accused: David Strecker

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    The Accuser: Daniel Woodall Zimmer

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    In a dispute over division of funds from Cuba Dave's Sosua Guide book, to which Daniel Woodall Zimmer is listed as both publisher and co-author under the pen name "Daniel Caro", Daniel Woodall Zimmer filed a criminal complaint towards David Strecker. David Strecker (Cuba Dave) was arrested at the San Jose airport several days later while planning to leave Costa Rica.


    Daniel Woodall Zimmer managed Dave's website, social media page, and Amazon publishing account. Dave's technical skills leave a lot to be desired. Daniel Woodall provided assistance in online publishing and website management to the website, as well as Dave's social media accounts and other things to overcome David Strecker's technical shortcomings.

    In a dispute over publishing money, Daniel Woodall Zimmer, a Nationalized Costa Rica citizen, filed a criminal complaint against Dave, called a 'denuncia'. Alleging Dave to have violated Costa Rica's vague 'rider' to it's wider human trafficking law. In the complaint, Daniel Woodall Zimmer alleges David Strecker to be the mastermind behind both the website, social media pages, and publisher of several kindle sex guides.

    Here is Daniel Woodall Zimmer's book promoting sex tourism for Costa Rica published under the pen name "Daniel Caro".

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    Having access to all of Dave's online identity, it's unlikely any funds sent to the link on Dave's site will be applied towards either Dave's well being, or his legal defense. If Daniel would file a denuncia over the publishing split, you can bet your ass none of the funds collected will be going to Dave or his legal defense.

    Here's an article from an interview with Dave in jail.
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