• Iran, Cuba.... Costa Rica

      Somewhere in The Islamic Republic of Iran, there is an American citizen who's going to die in prison because he spoke badly about the prophet Muhammad. The lesser intelligent of you who are reading this post will not be able to make the connection between that and Cuba Dave's situation. And to those who think this site breaks any laws, this site is hosted in a country where free speech is protected. So go fuck yourself.

      If you visit Argentina and fall in love with Tango, write a book about it, blogs, show videos of yourself dancing, and generally raving about how Argentina is the tango destination everyone needs to check out. How is this different in the world of free speakers than Cuba Dave raving about how great the hookers are in Costa Rica? And I place a high importance on the 'free speakers' part. Because you can't do that in Costa Rica anymore.

      Jailing a gringo for saying Costa Rica is a sex tourism destination won't change the underlying fact that COSTA RICA IS A SEX TOURISM DESTINATION!!! Cuba Dave didn't make it one, Costa Rica did.

      Let me repeat that for all the slow thinkers (Ticos) reading this article. COSTA RICA IS THE REASON COSTA RICA IS A SEX TOURIST DESTINATION. When you create the perfect storm of staggering corruption, poor education, religious dominion of reproductive services, and a general moral flexibility, you get a tortilla republic where women are forced to sell their bodies to feed their children, and a government making laws like this. Some women sell themselves because they want to for reasons of financial betterment, But most enter the sex trade because they need to. It's usually a story about a dead-beat dad who knocked the girl up and then disappeared, but there are other versions of the same story. Young (and old) woman gets in a financial jam, lack of opportunity in Costa Rica makes non-sexual opportunities unavailable, so she enters the sex trade.

      Tell me one thing that Cuba Dave said in any of his online postings that wasn't true. The truth is, Cuba Dave didn't change one single fact about Costa Rica or the Costa Rica sex trade, ever. It existed long before Dave showed up. It will exist long after they send Dave back to the US. Some of the reason this isn't getting a ton of airtime, besides the victim being a sex tourist, is because this 'law' was tucked into a rider about human trafficking. Suggesting that the smiling girls in Cuba Dave's videos are victims of trafficking.

      The motive for Costa Rica arresting Cuba Dave is two fold. First, large scale prostitution is the mole on Costa Rica's nose they don't want anyone to point out, and Dave did so in spectacular fashion. Second, is that these 3rd world baboons are going to try to use this as some bizarre way to ask my country for money. Which is what corrupt 3rd world oligarchies do when they can't make ends meet. They're broke, and they need to display some pretend indignation before they ask for human trafficking grants from Uncle Sam. Instead of combating laziness and stupidity, they stretch their opposing thumbs out to my country, where most of us work for a living, and say "Hey, we're fighting this serious problem, and need more money to do it. And we promise not to steal it this time".
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