• Cuba Dave Arrest

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      Cuba Dave was arrested arriving at SJO Friday. The charge appears to be 'promoting sex tourism'.

      Costa Rica's 'Promoting sex tourism' is one of those laws that are more common among governments like Cuba, Venezuela, or fundamentalist Islamic dictatorships like Iran.

      Reports say the OIJ was acting on information from a confidential informant. I only know one person who makes a practice of being a Rat. Daniel Woodall, known in some circles as Daniel Caro, or admin3 on CRT. Dan was the guy who was kind enough to inform Costa Rican immigration that I had overstayed my visa in the fall of 2013. He claims he was only doing so under instructions of Bill Alexander/Graham at Sportsman's Lodge, but I'd bet it was his idea. Dan makes an life's work of ratting on people in Costa Rica, and all my money here is on him leading the OIJ to Cuba Dave's arrival.

      Is Cuba Dave promoting sex tourism in Costa Rica? Maybe... He's mostly promoting himself and his travels. But much of what is being focused on here leads to confusion because the activity he's accused of promoting is perfectly legal to engage in within Costa Rica. Buying sex is quite common in Costa Rica among locals and tourists alike. Selling sex isn't given a second glance. In fact, well over 90% of consumers of the sex trade in Costa Rica are Costa Ricans. Yet talking about selling sex and where to buy it is illegal, at least for foreigners.

      Much of the surprise about Cuba Dave's arrest comes from the illusion that Costa Rica is a modern democracy. It isn't, and never has been. It's still a third world oligarchy with a communist president. If one accepts this reality, the surprise is diminished a bit.

      When you mix corruption at a national, molecular level, wholesale incompetence, and a baffling sense of superiority, you get laws like this. The same kind of laws that led to the same government deciding to ask for increased US foreign aid in lieu of raising taxes or purging corruption.

      Fact: In Costa Rica, if you catch someone stealing from you, and call them a thief. You've committed a more serious crime than they have. Very typical of a society where thievery is the national past-time.

      If Costa Rica wants to get people to stop talking about prostitution in its country, they could simply make prostitution illegal. They could launch initiatives in education and create a legitimate investment environment for foreign investors, rather than the pension-toilet it is today. They could educate young women about birth control and financial responsibility.

      Or they could just keep blaming their problems on the gringos...
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