• Natasha - Fusion

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      I was planning to rotate into Costa Rica this spring, but got a Colombian visa, and Medellin is a hard city to leave...

      Fusion is on of the MP/casas in centro that are clustered together to lay out the casa runs. Casa runs in Medellin is a fun way to hit a few nice massage parlors, bang a few really hot chicas, and all for pocket change.

      When I saw Natasha in the line up, I just had to have her. He had a hot little petite body, and a sexiness about her. And for 35k Colombian pesos, or about $16, it wasn't a hard decision.

      In the room Natasha delivered an all star session. Great uncovered bj, and hot sex. I tipped her 20k, or about $8, and everyone was happy.


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