• No Money? No Honey!

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      I have to remind myself that just because Iíve heard something a thousand times, the same tired cliche may come as a revelation to some newbie. So letís talk about the venerable wisdom of ĎNo money, no honey.í

      There are exceptions to this rule. If you are the right age, good looking, and not a total social retard you can probably get laid without forking out much cash. So before we go any further, who out there reading this is young, good looking and not a social retard? A show of hands? Okay, anybody with his hand up can go out to recess. The rest of you, listen up.

      There is one more exception to this rule I should mention. If you can be happy with someone no younger and no more attractive than you are, then the above doesnít apply either. I know this from personal experience. I am currently being Ďchasedí by several women my own age but unfortunately I canít work up anyÖ how shall I put thisÖ motivation for them.

      So if you are no longer young and hot and want somebody who IS, itís time to face reality. This is hard to accept for some guys, but fellas, those pretty girls in the Del Rey arenít smiling at you because of your good looks and charm. The rules there are pretty straightforward: You supply the money, they supply the honey.

      The basic principle applies outside the Gulch and outside strictly pay-for-play situations. Youíll find that your Ďappealí is greater in Costa Rica than it was back in Ft. Lauderdale (or ClevelandÖ wherever). Iíve heard some interesting ideas concerning this. Iíve heard guys who think itís because they come from the North America and the locals have a Ďthingí for North Americans. There may be some preference for blue eyes, for example. (I donít have blue eyes, by the way.) I donít think itís all that strong, though. If youíd like to try that theory out, I suggest you find a nice bar in an expensive neighborhood, say Santa Ana, where the parking lot is full of Lexus and BMWs, and see how much eye contact you get from the local princesses. Or maybe I can save you the trouble and expenseÖ you will get NONE.

      Whatís my point? Simply put, if you arenít SUBSTANTIALLY RICHER than the woman in question, donít expect her to be interested. The reason we can attract women hotter than we are is because we are richer. I suppose there are a few working girls richer than I am, but their greed is great enough that they will stoop to clean my pipes for a price.

      I run into guys who are well past 40 and want a nice, young, pretty, regular (non-working-girl) girlfriend, one who wonít charge them. Lots of luck, I say. If they do Ďluck outí and find one, chances are good the girl is just playing a long con rather than a short score, fishing for a house and car rather than a $100 bill.

      Iíll give you a general rule of the thumb: The worse HER prospects are, the better YOURS are (with her). Thatís true the world over, really. Youíll find yourself a lot more in demand in Manilla than Milan. Youíll have better luck in San Jose, Costa Rica than San Jose, California. Itís not rocket science.

      If you want to spend your time chasing that cute dentist that speaks perfect English, go ahead. I just hope you enjoy chasing more than catching.
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