• The Save a Ho Girlfriend Trap

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      This trap is an ugly one. Let me say that I know plenty of working girls down here and SOME of them are as sweet as pie and honest as the day is long. Having said that, you are MUCH more likely to meet somebody who will play you for as big a sucker as you are willing to be. You should never forget that to these girls it’s a profit deal, it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY (true cliché #2).

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      The biggest mistake a guy can make is to think he is going to ‘rescue’ some girl from this horrible life she’s living and in her gratitude she will be forever faithful and devoted and all that rot. Forget ‘Pretty Woman.’ You aren’t Richard Gere and this isn’t Hollywood. Think about the lifestyle they live. Aside from the number of partners they have there is a serious substance abuse problem in more than half of these girls. Anybody who has lived down here has seen far too many guys fall in love with a working girl and end up brokenhearted and sometimes broke.

      It’s the same the world over, really. Whether it’s a dancer in some nudie bar or a working girl in Thailand, guys suffer from the same delusions, thinking that they (the guys) will be able to win some fair maiden (!) by rescuing her from a life of misery. The first component is the ‘fair’ maiden. Okay, she’s not a maiden, but we assume she is fair (pretty) enough to make money selling her body. The second component is the knight in shining armor syndrome. Be a hero, not a zero!

      There is so much wrong with that it’s hard to know where to begin. But let’s focus on the idea that the girl in question is going to be grateful. How can I put this… Perhaps you would be interested in a nice bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan? It’s not impossible for a working girl to be grateful, but anybody who thinks saving a ho from ‘the life’ guarantees gratitude is dreaming.

      Strange as it may seem, lots of Latina working girls would rather party with friends, drinking, abusing illegal substances and dancing than sit in a nice suburban American McMansion all alone watching television (in a language she can’t understand) all day while hubby is at work, then get into her sexiest outfit to service him before he falls asleep in front of said TV.

      Whatever you see while she is working is what you’ll see if you get involved with her, except, of course, what she is faking to separate you from some of your cash. If she’s a substance abuser, bad with money, a liar, undependable, stupid… whatever… she’s not going to change into what you think she should be just because you ‘saved’ her from ‘the life.’

      By all means, enjoy her company. Treat her with kindness. Be sympathetic if you feel like it. But PLEASE remember: She is NOT Cinderella (or was it Snow White?) and you are NOT Prince Charming. This is the real world, not Disneyland.

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