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      I was preparing to rotate out of Medellin back to Costa Rica, when my pal Blazers invited me to stay at his place in Tijuana. Blazers is a very long time veteran of the Tijuana scene and offered to show me around while I was in town.

      This site usually does better when I'm in CR pushing girl reviews into it, but I needed a change of scenery for a minute. Petty gulch squabbles with the trailer park cult and stale personalities made me welcome the new adventure. Also, I needed to renew my California DL and do some banking back in LA, so it just made the decision easy.

      First, I flew into LA and met up with some old buddies. It was nice to see some of the sights from home, hit a few of my favorite restaurants and such, and take long walks around Santa Monica again. Almost didn't recognize the place. Then it was down to San Diego by train and across the border to meet up with my old friend Blazers.

      Blazers is an old friend I met some years back on the old Hombre site back when it was going. I showed him around Havana a couple of times and kept in touch over the years. He wrote a guide to Tijuana on Monger Network and has helped guys over the years. He has a sweet place overlooking the Coronado islands and ocean in TJ. I've basically had my own floor the whole time.

      Now to the TJ monger scene...

      The TJ monger scene is one of the most trafficked monger zones on the planet. Throngs of Southern California guys descend upon the zona on a nightly basis looking for ladies and pleasure.

      TJ is a little more expensive than most Latin destinations relatively speaking. The quality of girls is ok, but not on average with Colombian, Cuban, or even Costa Rican women. But there are stunners available. Just as the hotter girls in the Del Rey won't budge off of $100 an hour, the stunners in Hong Kong or Adelita's won't move very far from $80 for half an hour. Also in TJ, most sessions will require you to rent a short time room in addition to your agreement with the girl. Unless you're staying at that particular hotel. As the girls are only allowed to session in the hotel the club owns.

      The dynamic in TJ is not the same as Medellin or Costa Rica, the sheer numbers of gringos competing for the quality hands most of the negotiating power to the girls.

      Also, the Mexican approach to this hobby is utterly ruthless. Waiters in Hong Kong have to pay to work shifts there, and there are way too many of them. This dynamic creates an ultra aggressive, morally flexible relationship with the clients. There is no relaxing and having a drink. The waiters are constantly pushing booz on you, and trying hard to get you to buy ficha drinks for the girls. So much so they will cock block you while you're making arrangements to take a girl up. They'll follow you around and constantly ask you if you'd like to buy random girls drinks. To say it's annoying would be an understatement. The house is doing everything it possibly can to extract as much as they can before letting you get laid.

      This is not to say you can't have fun. You absolutely can. But be aware that any interaction you have with anyone in Tijuana is driven by their desire to possess your money.

      That being said, there are some great girls in TJ that provide good service for considerably less than their counterparts north of the border. Not on the level of Medellin or Cuba, but closer to, and just a little less enthusiastic than Ticas. Most of this is driven by the supply and demand factor. There are tons of gringos from Southern California going into TJ for a night or weekend and not enough quality girls to meet the demand.

      Now... Where would I compare Mexican women to their other Latin sisters?

      Mexican women to me are like Nicaraguan women. A heavy indigenous mixture makes them hit or miss, at least to me. When they get it right, it's fantastic. When they get it wrong, some of the women resemble the michelin man, with odd pockets of body fat protruding from unusual parts of their body. The percentages are comparable to Nicaraguan women. Luckily for us, Mexico has 120 million people, so even the small percentage provides enough pretty women to supply the TJ hobby.

      The service is surprising considering the supply and demand ratio. You can get pretty good service if you speak serviceable Spanish. Again, Cuban, Medellin, and Costa Rican women are on average more attractive and provide better service.

      What Tijuana lacks that Medellin, Costa Rica, and many other Latin destinations have are daytime 'massage' options. While many of the larger clubs are open during the day, the talent available isn't really there. This may have to do with the client dynamic heavily favoring evening attendance.

      Another thing I've noticed is that rapport goes a long way. Many of my friends that frequent TJ and are more familiar with the girls tend to get much better (less restrictive) service from the ladies.