• Marcela - Del Rey

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      It's Friday night, I'm hanging out with my buddy whatshisname. We play craps at the Colonial, Poker at the horseshoe, and Tute at the Rey. There was some talent at the Rey tonight.

      While playing Tute with Matt from the Hotel Amistad, I kept noticing a girl with an extremely pretty face, and a nice thin body.

      Marcela is a pretty 21 year old who comes into San Jose a couple weekends a month from Dominical to work in the Del Rey. I introduced myself and she seemed sweet.

      Finally, my friend whatshisname had to go home, so I decided to pull Marcela.

      Back home, Marcela was unusually sweet and affectionate for a girl as hot as she is. I took at least a dozen pictures, and none of them could capture her striking face. She was super affectionate in bed, starting with a bbbj, sex in a few positions, and finally me calling her a taxi. What a catch...


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