View Full Version : March Chica of the Month: Giselle - Mona Lisa

02-04-2013, 06:12 PM

I had taken Giselle before, and pretty much knew I was in for a good time. But I wasn't quite sure I wanted her on this night, or to try one of the couple other lovely candidates available.

I was with Legends, and we were screwing around on the roulette table. I wasn't really winning or losing, just sitting there goofing off with Legends and the guys. We had interviewed a few honeys, and I was undecided on pulling anyone at this point.

I had about $20 of my $30 buy in left, so I gathered the girls I had been considering and told them all to pick a number. They all picked a number, and Giselle picked her birthday, 27. So I put $4 on each of the girls' numbers, and figured I'd probably be leaving alone tonight... The ball spun, 27 Red. A deal's a deal...

Back at my place, Giselle delivered once again. Her tight little body and her spunky personality is a treat. I enjoyed her company and gave her the winnings and she was on her way.



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