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05-07-2013, 01:34 AM

It's Monday night. Nothing good ever happens on a Monday night. Especially when it's not football season.

I was running errands, and was next to the Rey. So I passed through. Nothing worth stopping to talk to, much less paying for. I remembered my friend was opening his bar on Avenida Central today. So I swung by to buy a fresca and show my support. Tons of guys open bars in Costa Rica, some of them even last more than six months. But I think my buddy's bar will do well. They have good cooks from another restaurant, really hot bartenders, and a somewhat sane business model. Anyway...

As I arrive, another guy I know has these two smoking girls on his side. He's kind of committed to his regular. I'm not sure what rule that is, but he seemed to need to follow it. So I made eyes for the other one.

Crisia is absolutely smokin'. Her body is bond girl hot, and her face is adorable. She works about 2-3 days per month, when rent is due. Then she disappears again for a month. Luckily, I dropped by to check out my friend's restaurant.

My maid comes on Tuesdays. Which means I wasn't about to take her to my place on a Monday night. So I took her to Little Havana and got an open suite. Room 218. Room 218 is one of the suites that has large space, and a huge bathroom with a sauna.

Once we got settled, Crisia got undressed and posed for a few pics. She's extremely affectionate. Great kisser, very passionate in the sack, and loves sex. After I blew, we rinsed off together in the bathroom. She asked about the sauna, it seemed she had never been in one. So I turned it one and we waited for it to heat up. While we were in the sauna, she moved my towel aside and started blowing me. This led to me carrying her into the bedroom for a second round. She was equally as enthusiastic about going another round. It took me a while to blow the second time around, but she was a great sport about it. Kissing me the entire time. What a girl...

Crisia is an absolute winner

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Hola hermano.... quiero, el numero para este chica por favor, PM me. Gracias.

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Do you have the info on this girl?

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Nice work good job