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Ho Whisperer
08-05-2013, 12:41 AM
Only a few hours flight from Houston Texas lies the city of San Jose, CR. and Gringo Gulch. The "Bartenders" at Del Rey Hotel/Casino and Key Largo bar across street are better looking than pics... One issue in San Jose hotels is some don't allow you to bring girls back ! The Grand? hotel by the by the National Theater on the plaza is one!!! Workaround is the dive hotel ASIA across and round corner from Del Rey...So you can take your Del Rey senorita out to the cheap $10 hotel down the street they don't mind On the way there are markets with walk up windows Always have the girl buy you a couple beers or smokes and cost will be 1/2 tourist $ . Asia is a Dirt bag Hotel just like Tijuana haha , management is nice. You will feel right at home in the nasty rooms available here, this actually is THE most cost effective way to get laid in SJ. Since pulling a girl out of Del Rey bar and paying taxi to your hotel and her taxi back is much more expensive.

When you can haggle her down for a trip to the dive hotel across the street why pay 2x more to drag her back to your hotel? Or you stay right at the Del Rey and they put a fee on your bill each girl. EVERY girl at the Del Rey and Key Largo are working girls. The management of these bars does not let any girl come in- some hold their passport or at least check the ID; this discourages rip offs and hustles. Massage may be a better value at $50 for a hour and includes a rub down,,, variety is less than the bar. Entering the massage building with gated entrance and a Mamasan who admits you to the octagon where you view a line up of 6 or more girls. I went to massages during the day because areas of the town seem sketchy when your taxi leaves you off... The massage places are scattered all around town so that will include a taxi fee. As far as safety as a Gringo alone; there are areas of San Jose I would not to walk around in the day, so at night it can be dicey on foot in certain areas.

The Key Largo bar across from the Del Rey hotel is owned by same people, it has dancing at night and the girls have less miles than at the Del Rey Bar. San Jose is an "Exotic" lovers paradise; the diverse nationalities make it a kind of strange pick up scene. The ground floor of the Del Rey is a Casino w/2 bars and restaurants, its small and casual but primetime after 10 pm the chicks get thick and some are in sexi outfits, plenty look like the girl next door! . Some nights are better than others,,, I did a Costa Rican babe and took a young thin beautiful Nicaraguan back to the hotel. Nica was a fun nice lady and a great nightcap for the evening. My experience was the younger chicas are lower priced if you haggle. Most of the girls speak some limited English like; ( insert joke here, ha ha ).

If you find a favorita for a couple days you can have it like that, some of the girls can be a lil aggressive the next day like "you belong to me" at the bar scaring away other chicas. I had to bribe a short El Salvadorian I messed up on Saturday night $20 to get lost the next day.... There are many non-player and semi-pro types working the bars and restaurants which will make your mouth drool.

Lots of US Cops go to Del Rey Bar and Hotel ?... so don't shoot your mouth off too much there. They have a live cam from the bars ( but this isn't an advertisement so u can find it yourself) The Taxi divers in front of the Del Rey can be very helpful in my experience I found a trusted taxi driver to run me around,,, so keep your Taxi drivers cell# and they can do a short sightseeing tour for you. Don't jump in any Wildcat Taxi when you arrive at the airport make sure they are legit I believe they have a $35 dollar exit fee.

Pura Vida-

08-05-2013, 07:43 AM
How is asia cheaper than taxis? If you stay in the gulch, im pretty sure its a $2 ride. And after paying a girl $60-$100 plus tip, if shes asking for taxi money id tell her to get lost.

08-05-2013, 01:32 PM
How is asia cheaper than taxis? If you stay in the gulch, im pretty sure its a $2 ride. And after paying a girl $60-$100 plus tip, if shes asking for taxi money id tell her to get lost.....That is true,newbie report though,he will learn...i never give them taxi money.....