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05-31-2013, 05:20 AM
I got to San Jose on Tuesday May 14th. The cab ride to my hotel, Hotel Castillo, was about $30. The room I reserved at Castillo was $38 but had no air conditioning and was on the first floor with some windows with flimsy locks. I was able to change rooms to the second floor which was much bigger and had A / C for $50 a night cash. I changed money at a bank in the INS building about a block away. Two blocks away is *********'s Lodge so I stopped by there first in the evening. There were a few girls there but I wanted to see what else was around, so after a drink I left to head to Pirate Club.

I get in a taxi and show the guy the address and the name and he keeps telling me it's closed and he will take me to Elite instead. After he keeps insisting it's closed, I get out and take another cab who has no problem taking me there. I get inside and I think I'm in the wrong place because it just looks like a bar and I see no women. After a few minutes the mamas an comes out and asks if it's my first time there. When I said yes, she had a girl show me around to the rooms upstairs. Besides this girl, who acted like she just started that day, I saw only one other girl. The rooms upstairs were nice and made up of a lot of natural wood like a ship I guess. When I got back down to the bar, the timid girl sat with me so I bought her a drink. She asked for a Smirnoff Ice. Her drink was like 4500 col while my Corona was about 2200 col. Overpriced girl drinks, not cool. I asked the mamasan the prices and she said it was like $36 for a half hour and $54 for an hour. The prices are good if they had any talent there. To be fair, it was a Tuesday night. A girl came in who spoke very good English. I talked with her for a while but she told me she lived in the US for 10 years after coming to the US as an exchange student. I did a little math and figured she was at least 30 so after a while I excused myself and left.

I grab a taxi and head to Hotel Del Rey. It may be only a Tuesday but this place was very busy with a lot of girls. I have some drinks while I fend off some pushy Dominican girls. After a while I see this little 21 year old blonde girl. I keep trying to catch her eye but she is on the other side of the room. Luckily these girls have eyes in the back of their heads, so after a little while she comes up behind me and says she saw me looking at her. She called herself Monica and was from CR and spoke very good english. She asked for $100 but agreed to $80. We went back to my hotel and she was a great performer. After the deed was done she immediately went to the bathroom to get ready so she can head back to HDR. I liked her so much that I told her I want to see her tomorrow. She said to meet her at HDR at 8pm on Wed. On Wednesday I went to HDR about 7:45 hoping to see if there was any other talent there that I might have missed on Tuesday. Plus I figured that I would have an hour or so before Monica shows up since most pros are never on time for appointments (if they show up at all). Shockingly enough, Monica was already there waiting for me. We had a drink and headed to *********'s Lodge to play a round of pool. She said her ex GF was there who she broke up with 8 months ago and dated for 5 years. She seemed to be nervous or scared of her. The ex came by and gave her a kiss and said hi. She was definitely the 'guy' in the relationship. Before someone asks why I didn't offer to do a threesome with them, this ex looked like someone that might end up stabbing me back at the hotel because I'm doing her GF. For all you guys that think some girl from HDR has fallen in love with you, Monica told me that about 80% of the working girls are lesbians. I love pizza but I think if I had to eat 10 slices of pizza every day, I would probably hate pizza pretty soon. Me and Monica go back to my hotel for round 2 and once again she did not disappoint. I told her I was going to Jaco Beach and she told me she recently came back from a two week stay there and that all the girls get $150 a pop every time at Cocal Casino. After she left I went back to SL and had a filet mignon and cheesecake with ice cream. The steak was very good.

Jaco Beach.

The day before I left for Jaco, I tried to get my hotel to reserve me a ride on a shuttle service but they were either full or wanted a credit card number to reserve the ride. I didn't want to give out my card number since my card was recently cloned in the US.

I took a taxi to the bus station known as Coca Cola bus station. The ticket was only like $5 but the bus had less seating space than Spirit Air if that's possible. It took about 2 hours to get to Jaco because the bus makes some stops. I had a reservation at Hotel Poseidon. They gave me a rate of $70 if I pay cash. The hotel was nice and had A / C a room safe and a pool. It was a block over from Cocal Casino and a block from the beach.

There is a girl fee of $10. I brought one girl back but they never put it on my bill. The restaurant was very good, but the wifi, like most hotels, was unusable unless you are in the lobbly. I met two Americans on the bus and they stayed at the Poseidon so we hung out together at Cocal. One of the guys, Dave has lived in San Jose for 10 years and is not a monger. The other guy Steve lived in San Jose for 2 years and is looking to move back after he retires which is any day now. The first night we went to Cocal I wasn't planning on taking anybody but Steve was. There was a good amount of girls there like the HDR. A lot of girls started at $120 and went down to $100. Steve was offering $60 and a lot of girls walked away when they heard that. He did get a girl to go with him for $60 although it seems she was inexperienced. Friday night we went back to Cocal. There were a few girls I liked but they wouldn't go lower than $100 and I offered them $80.

Eventually those girls got scooped up so I didn't take anyone. Saturday Dave and Steve left for some other beach towns so I was back on my own. I went on the ATV tour through the mountains for $70 for 2 hours. It was good, but nobody warned me that my sneakers would get covered with mud. Also, it rained for part of the tour and I think I may have caught a cold. By the evening I could feel that I was getting a fever. I figured I better get back to Cocal and get a girl in case I get really sick. I went back to Cocal looking for the blondes that got away the night before. I didn't find them but I found a nice cute 21 year old named Diana with brown hair and blonde highlights and braces. She had a kick ass body with a juicy ass that looked like she was brazillian but she was from CR. She was like a part time pro. She lived in SJ but didn't work there for fear of being noticed by someone she knows. Anyway she wouldn't budge off $100 so I agreed and we went back to my room. At my room I almost threw her out before we started because she insisted on getting paid first. She didn't speak much english so I couldn't explain that it doesn't work that way. I showed her the money but told her I will only pay after. She said to put it on the nightstand and she will take it after. I agreed. She wouldn't do BBBJ but she did it with a condom which still was not that bad. All in all she was pretty good and I got my money's worth. Of course, as soon as the deed is done she was out the door. She asked for a tip, I told her no and that the $100 I gave her was a tip, plus I had to pay a $10 girl fee at the hotel.

It was a good thing I at least had that girl, because that night I got really sick with a fever, the chills, achy bones and diarrhea. It was so bad that when I woke up Sunday I just wanted to leave CR as soon as possible. I booked another flight for Monday morning and left the hotel to stay at *********'s Lodge before my flight. The Poseidon booked a shuttle for me from Jaco to San Jose for $37 on Interbus. Com. I had to give my credit card number and even security code on the back. At this point I didn't care. We left around 2:40 from Jaco and I didn't get dropped of until 6pm. Granted there was some traffic on the way back, but this driver kept getting calls from his boss to pick up more people at the airport and surrounding hotels and drop them off before he dropped me off. I may be a dumb gringo that can't speak Spanish, but I can tell that we were only 15km from SJ before U-turned around and went 15 minutes back towards the airport to pick up more people. This is a really scummy thing to do in my book. I could have taken the bus and gotten back quicker. If I didn't complain to the driver I might still be on that shuttle. For anyone considering taking a shuttle because you think it is quicker, you should verify that they are going directly to where they say they are. I will never take Interbus anywhere ever again and will bad mouth them to anyone I get the chance to.

I finally got dropped off at SL and it was about 32500 col cash for a room. The room was nice. The bathroom location of the toilet was very cramped and it had one of those signs about not throwing toilet paper in the toilet. Sorry, but I never listen to those because putting used toilet paper in a basket is nasty. I hope I didn't clog anything.

I went into the bar to try to eat something. A couple of girls came over to talk to me but I told them I wasn't interested. I went to bed and got a wake up call and a taxi and headed to the airport. One last thing. The airport isa huge rippoff. A bottle of water costs more than in JFK or LGA and they don't even let you bring it on the plane even though you buy it after the security checkpoint. It cost me $8 for a bottle of water and a plain croissant. WTF?