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Joe shmoe
01-21-2013, 09:50 PM
So I finally went down to CR to see what all the fuss was about. I was worried that it was going to be slow and I wouldn't find many hotties but I was totally wrong. There is definitely something for everyone down there. I went with my wing (first time monger and won't be his last) and had a great time.

Day 1.

Everything was smooth from the airport to the hotel. Spotted a red taxi outside the airport and it turned out to be about $30 which might be a little on the high side, but not a big deal since we're splitting the fare. Checked in at HLH, unpacked everything, and was ready to head out for some lunch until a chica knocked on my wing's door for some fun. I didn't catch her name but she's the one with six pack abs. Being that he's brand new to the whole scene, his eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store and he had a quick session.

We walked down to the indian restaurant in front of HDR and had lunch. The food was decent, definitely better than expected. The owner was a nice guy, giving us some advice, telling us not to fall in love, and even asking if we wanted to fuck the waitress LOL.

Our original plan was to check out some MP's during the day but we decided to take a peak inside HDR after lunch. I'd say there were about 25 girls. We grabbed a couple beers at the bar by the reservation desk and minutes later we were approached by a slim brunette tica, she had a more european look, light skinned. Of course she threw out "cien" right off the bat but I negotiated her down to $50 and my wing pulled a girl as well. Since it was the daytime, we decided to walk with the girls back to HLH. Lesson learned, its much easier to cab it and not have to listen to them complaining about having to walk the streets in heels. The session was good, I'm not very picky, I've had worse and I've had better.

Back at HDR around 8pm and I see tons of hotties. The problem with that is, its tough to make a decision. Everytime I decide on a chica, I wait to pull the trigger in hopes of finding someone better. This strategy ended up backfiring and the ones I liked earlier were gone. My wing had a girl ready to go and was waiting on me. So I made the rounds and spotted this short. 24 yr old tica with a kangol hat and jeans. She was pretty cute, I liked her style, and had a bubble butt (I'm an ass man) so I hit her up. She said 'cien' and I countered with $60 thinking she was going to counter back with $80 but no. As soon as I said $60, she said 'ok, listo? ' I guess she had a tough day. So we all cab it back to the hotel and handle business. This girl was similar to my last one, it was decent but nothing special. None of my sessions included BBBJ because I always wear condoms, plus BJ's are overrated imo.

Day 2.

Our plan today was to check out some of the MP's. We met up with ISG guy LexB for lunch and he gave us information on the MP's and which ones were good. We all walked to SL just to peep it out and didn't see much, so then headed over to New Fantasy. It's $35 for half an hour. There were about 15 girls, a couple were cute but no one really did it for me. My wing had a session though. Keep in mind I am very picky and have a particular taste. I'm into curvy, thicker girls (not fat) so to each his own.

We headed back to HLH to check out the bar and there were some girls in there but none to my liking. I did think the bartender, the lighter skinned one was pretty damn cute. Anyway, we head back to HDR and I immediately approach a cutie I spotted from the day before. Tica, light skinned, short brown hair. 26, and had some nice curves. This girl said she only comes during the day because the atmosphere is too crazy at night and the girls do too many drugs. So we negotiate and she doesn't budge on the price saying she won't go lower than $80. I tell her I'll think about it and walk away. 15 mins later she comes looking for me and tries to tell me how good her service is, but still not budging on the price. I broke down and said fuck it, why not. We head back to the hotel and boy was she right. This girl was wild and enthusiastic in bed. Plus she was different in that she wanted to get to know me, have good conversation, and build some rapport. Money well spent.

After having dinner on Avenida 1, we head back to HDR for round 2. I spotted a cute tica I saw from the night before and we agreed on $70. This girl was a natural beauty, barely any makeup. 24, curvy. The session was just decent. She kept saying 'duro, duro' the whole time which was kinda annoying. Sometimes I prefer not to fuck like a jackrabbit and like to go slower. Towards the end I just ignored her 'duro's' and did my own thing. After all, I'm paying for it so I'm damn well going to enjoy it.

Day 3.

Today was the day I wanted to check out the lower end MP's on Calle 6. On the walk over we stop by Krysis and Flemingo, both only had a few girls, none doable. As we continued walking, the areas became more and more run down. My wing felt uncomfortable but we kept moving. The first mp was the one right next to the furniture store. The girls were decent, but none for me. My wing wanted to session but I told him we should check out the other ones next door first and then we'll come back. So we head next door and the quality got even worse. By the time we got to the last one, it was mostly fat moms. So we head back to the first one for my wing but he changed his mind after seeing her up close. I'm sure there are some cuties to be found at these mp's but not on this day. And yes, lots of ticos just standing around and staring. Prices were about $14 for half hour. Next we hopped in a cab and headed down to Relax, Eros, and Idem. Relax had about 6-8 girls, a couple were doable but I didn't pull the trigger. It's about $24 for half hour. Eros had only about 5 girls and the quality wasn't that great. Across the street at Idem there were 3 girls, one was pretty hot. The place just looks like a bar to me. Anyway, she quoted $60 for half hour and $70 for an hour. I declined. We head back to Relax because my wing wanted to session with a girl. I recognize a pattern here with the MP's. My wing always sessions, while I sit awkwardly across from the girls while they stare :|

Stopped by SL in the evening to have a drink. Not too many girls but one caught my eye, but too bad she was having dinner at the bar. So then we head to HDR in the evening and the place is pretty busy as usual. I make the same mistake as before this night by waiting too long to pull the trigger. My wing for some reason didn't feel well and headed back to the hotel early. So now I'm flying solo and before you know it, its 3am and the pickings are getting slim. I make one final stroll through and decide to just call it a night.

Day 4.

More MP hunting today. Headed down to Illusiones, La Mansion, and another one I didn't know the name of. My wing sessioned at La Mansion. We went looking for the other MP's like Sala Criss, Lucy's, etc with the map but couldn't find any of them. I was looking for the 'abierto' sign but I couldn't even find that. All the stores and houses were barred up and no one was walking on the streets. We walked by a couple of guys sitting on the sidewalk smoking who knows what in a tin foil pipe. We decided it was best to hail a cab and bounce.

Went to SL for dinner and to scope out the chicas. Food was great and the portions were big. There were some decent chicas in there but none for me. All of a sudden while I'm eating, I see the girl from the night before that was eating dinner walk in. But she wasn't there to stay and made a quick walk around the back bar and headed out. I was bummed I didn't get a chance to talk to her. Back at HDR around 7pm and I start talking to this thick, slightly chubby 26 yr old colombiana from Medellin. She's got brownish, blonde hair and looks more white than hispanic. She had a very outgoing and bubbly personality which made her much more appealing. She didn't have that typical pro attitude or demeanor. We agreed on $60 So I decide to pull her back to the hotel and had a great session. I enjoyed her company a lot more than previous girls so I gave her $70. My wing just wanted a regular massage from her and then we all walked together back to HDR, passing a couple of trannys along the way. The rest of the night I'm hanging out at HDR and chatting with another CRT member. I suddenly spot the SL girl from earlier walking around with a couple of her friends. They come introduce themselves to us. One of her friends was really crazy and loud, and quite funny. I'm sure she would have been a great fuck but she's older than what I like, maybe mid 30's or more. Unfortunately, I'm not really recharged from earlier so I'm in 'chill mode. ' 2am rolls around and I decide to talk to SL girl again. She's a cute, tan tica. 20 yrs old, thick and curvy. She said she's down for $60 but it has to be less than an hour because she has to go see her son. I agree but then I ask her if tomorrow is better and she agreed. I didn't want a rushed session so I take her number for tomorrow.

Day 5.

The final day and it's time to check out the Paseo Colon MP's. We walked from the HDR area down along Paseo Colon. On the way, a guy asked my wing for change. Then it seemed like the guy was following us. So we stopped walking and the guy stopped as well on the corner about 20 feet ahead of us. So we continued walking and dropped into a KFC to wait a bit until we noticed he was gone. The guy looked kinda shady so we didn't want to take any chances. First stop Oasis, about 5 girls but none to my liking. It was rougly $25 for half hour. My wing sessioned while I waited. Next stop. 360, about 8 girls. I was really thinking about partaking but my plan was to call up the SL girl soon. My wing had another session. Final stop, Golden Girls, but only took a quick peak as there were only 4 average looking girls. We cab it to HDR for a drink. Nothing to my liking so I called up SL girl and she met me there. Chatted a bit and agreed on $60. Walked with her back to the hotel and had a great session so I gave her $70. Headed back to HDR for the final evening but didn't pull the trigger. Went to KL but it was kinda dead. I was very satisfied at that point, anything more was just icing on the cake. Headed to Tico hambuergesas for some rice and steak and called it a night.

Overall, I had a good time and the chicas definitely exceeded my expectations. One thing I learned is that you cannot keep waiting for that perfect 10 because you will lose the 8's and 9's that you noticed earlier. The cab drivers outside HDR are dickheads for the most part. One guy charged us $4 to drive to HLH. I asked him to turn on the meter but he said its 2000C and that's the minimum charge. We didn't feel like getting out the car so we just rolled with it. Another night a guy had the meter on and the fare showed 560C when we got to the hotel. He says 1000C. I pointed to the meter and gave him 600C and he started cursing in Spanish as I got out. For food, I wish there were more late night food options nearby, although Tico Hambuergesas is decent. HDR food is too expensive. I always found it a bit awkward running into someone you already sessioned with. My hotel HLH was a nice place, other than the roach problem I have no complaints, the staff was very helpful and accomodating. I can definitely see myself returning to CR in the future, and possibly checking out Jaco as well. I spoke to several girls telling me Panama has muchas chicas so that might be an option as well.