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Chris Long
12-04-2012, 12:15 AM
Chris Long Thanksgiving weekend in San Jose.

Had a great time down there, met up with a lot of old friends from previous trips and made a lot of new friends with the board members. This was my fourth trip down this year and sorry to say I think the price structure has only gotten worse. I believe there are too many guys paying cien for an hour or less of very limited sex. Went down with the Doctor on this trip and the Doctor hit the lottery with a hot little tica that he spent the vast majority of his time wifed up with (I hope I am invited to the wedding). I played the field had sex 22 times with 19 different women. Which is actually low for me, I'm trying to control sex addiction.

Sportsman's Lodge:

This was my first time staying at the Sportsman I had the basic single room, the Fiesta room to be exact and I was quite pleased with the place. The room had a little refrigerator which allowed me to buy food and juice and bring it back to my room. This saved me a great deal of money on meals as I just ate almost exclusively in my room. The Sportsman also has a gym it's pretty basic but has enough for me when I am vacationing. The room was quite for the most part but there is a train, the first morning I started hearing the whistle at about six in the morning and it seemed to go every ten minutes. However, I had left my bathroom window open, once I closed the bathroom window and closed the bathroom door the noise was not that bad and I didn't notice it on the following mornings. I would imagine staying at La Amistad has got to be hell as it is right next to the train tracks.

The women at the Sportsman are pretty hot for the most part I was very pleased with the quality and quantity of women I seen at the sportsman. The place has always reminded me of a miniature Del Ray. You will find that many of the girls will work both Sportsman and Del Ray. Many will just work Sportsman and not go to the Del Ray and many just work the Del Ray and don't go to the Sportsman. But I never had a problem bringing any girl back from the Del Ray to the Sportsman. The girls all seemed pretty despite for business but were foolishly asking for cien and not wanting to offer BBBJ. I refused to pay this amount and more than half of the girls at both Sportsman and Del Ray who initially turned me down for 80 and BBBJ by the end of the night or the next night were willing to accept my offer. These girls are despite for business and they will come down in price and offer better services you just have to hold your ground. If she doesn't go for your offer the first time by the end of the night or by the next night she will be chasing you down to accept your offer. I even had one sportsman girl who initially would not do BBBJ and wanted 100 the first night I arrived chase me down the next night more than willing to do the hour for 80 with BBBJ. I told her I was no longer interested in her and would only do it if I could also do her in the culo, she agreed. The problem is too many guys are giving in and paying too much and accepting substandard service.

Del Ray Chicas:

The Doctor was really put off by the Del Ray chicas on this trip. They all seemed to have a thinly veiled hard core attitude. On my first night they were all asking for cien both the Doctor and I were refusing to pay that amount on subsequent nights many who initially quoted me cien were willing to go for 80 (which is still too high) These girls will come down just hold your ground. This was my fourth trip there this year and there were many familiar faces along with some new faces. Looking at all of the girls at the Del Ray that weekend, between my four trips I must have done about a quarter of them.

I met two super-hot black Columbians on this trip. One I had seen before on previous trips at the Del Ray both initially quoted me cien both later came down to 80 and BBBJ. Both were perfect 10 in my book one worked out of the Sportsman and claimed to be an ex Medellin mansion girl the other one named Jackie worked out of the Del Ray. I was so taken with Jackie that I had her come back the next night and do a TLN with me for $200 (I know expensive but believe me I got my money's worth out of her that night)

Hotel Little Havana:

Stopped into the HLH one afternoon to check it out, Greg was no longer there and they had done some remodeling. The front desk is bigger and there is now a wall that separates the bar from the lounge room to the left of the bar, they seemed to have taken out some of the furniture that was in the room as well. Personally I didn't like the change. The chicas all seemed to be the same for the most part and the new ones that I seen I was not particularly interested in. I heard they were offering some pretty good deals on the room rates so this may be a good place to stay and save some money for the chicas.

New Fantasy:

Stopped in here a couple times found a hot 19 year $50 for the hour plus she wanted a $20 tip for BBBJ. This seems to be the norm for this place. Every time I've session in this place and gone back to the room with the girl there is the strong smell of marijuana, I believe the girls smoke marijuana in their break room.

Pirates Club:

Made it over to this place one night the super hottie who was working there on my last trip in August was no longer there. The chicas that were there were in the 7 to 8 range in my book. I took a little 18 year old, slightly plump but very youthful looking. Price was $35 for the half hour. The beds in the Pirates always suck, you practically fall into the mattress and the bed squeaks like hell. This place to my mind is badly laid out. There's a front area where the bar is and the girls hang out, then in the back there are booths but no one is ever back there. There seems to be a lot of wasted space. The pirates in my mind always dances along the line of either being a good place to get laid at a good price or just being a cheap clip joint trying to nickel and dime you out of your money. First time I went there in January all of the girls were allowing DATY and doing BBBJ. In August they would only do it for a $20 tip on this trip they would not do BBBJ at all. The girls also get a cut if you buy them a drink so in the past I have experienced high pressure to buy them drinks all night. On this trip when we were about to leave I went to pay for our drinks. I had a few small 1000 and 2000 colones and a 10, 000 colones. I wanted to pay the bill with the 10, 000 colones so I could save the smaller bills for the taxes (who never have change) the momason who works behind the bar seen what I had and claimed she didn't have any change for the 10, 000 (BS) and wanted me to pay the bill with my smaller bills. (Ken if you are reading this doing these cheap little things to your customers is what's going to kill your business)

San Jose:

I personally believe the place to be safe. I walked all around, over to calle 6 down to Illusions and La Mansion MP several times on my own and never had a problem. I walked between the Sportsman and Del Ray on my own at 2 and 3 O Clock in the morning and never had a problem. There are trannies out but I just crossed to the other side if I didn't feel comfortable and just smiled and waved my hand no when they made their cat calls. Had one who I thought was a tranny come up to me and tell me she was a women even pulled her pants down and showed me her pussy but she wasn't very attractive and I wasn't interested in her.


Poked my head into just about all of the MP in the gulch, jet set appears to be closed now. The majority of the women in these places are in the 6 to 7 range and below with a few in the negative numbers. However if you look into enough of them you will usually find one diamond. The prices are anywhere from $12 to $14 for the pensions on calle 6 to $24 to $30 for the half hour at the others. These places operate more on colones rather than dollars so you will want to take collones with you when you visit these places. When I asked almost all of the girls would agree to do BBBJ the only one where I was having trouble finding this was the fourth pension on calle 6 there were three or four cuties in here definitely worth doing given the price is only 6000 colones or $12 dollars, however practically none of the ones I talked with were willing to give BBBJ. Almost gave up and was about to leave when I spotted a cute little girl in her early 20s who turned out to be a great BB GFE experience. The rooms in these places are can be pretty rugged and the beds are little more than a wooden frame with a foam mat on top.

Final Thoughts:

San Jose can be a great place. The only problem is the pricing structure has gotten way out of control, which is surprising to me as these girls are all despite for business and customers. I believe too many guys have ruined the market by paying too much for substandard services. I also believe if we hold our ground and not pay these prices and expect better services the market price will come down.