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Bunda Man
09-12-2012, 12:18 AM
Was in San Jose July 18-25. Am posting this so late because since I returned been swamped at the office and a close family member has been in the hospital seriously ill for an extended period. Met a few girls on Facebook this trip. Juliana can be found at the Del Rey during early evening. Met her through the Del Rey Facebook page. She has a hot friend Dayana who mostly works Jaco. Tried to hook up with her but she took days to reply to my FB message so didn't get the chance. Juliana is a real hottie, but the sex was so-so. She went for $80 for two hours plus a $20 propina for BBBJ. Also allowed assplay with my tounge and fingers, but that's as far as she let it advance in terms of her culo. She loved DATY and O'd a few times.

Met two 19yr old cuties at the Del Rey on a Friday afternoon. The one with the pink shirt pictured below gave great bareback head but the sex was blah. Think they were too immature to enjoy it or know what they were doing, but had a lot of fun in the room with dancing and striptease.

Vanessa at Muses was a regular of mine during the day. She gave great BBBJ for a $10 propina. It's 12, 000Cs for a half hour at Muses and 16, 000Cs for an hour. Wasn't impressed with the selection at the other MPs I popped into, including Krysis, Relax. 747, Cha Cha, Jet Set, Flamingo, and Lilliam.

Spent a lot of time with Carla from the Del Rey, who I met Super Bowl weekend. Love her ass and we have great sexual chemistry. Had a great night with her dancing, drinking, and sexing the night away for my birthday. Also did the GFE thing with her alot including trips to Pueblo and Nova reggae bar in San Pedro and the movies at the Terra Mall. Saw Carolina (Cheena) and Allison, both formerly of Relax at Nova with another monger. Boy can Carla drink. On the night of my birthday, we downed a bottle of Colombian Aguardiente my wing from L. A. Bought as a birthday present. She started out with covered head but on my birthday we were playing drinking games back in the room and she agreed that if I finished a glass of fire water before her she would do BBBJ. I think it was a tie but in this game tie goes to the monger and she did BBBJ from then on.

Was extremely impressed with the selection from the Del Rey, even during the day and weeknights. Had a few cuties and memorable session with 19yr old Yorleny who has a fantastically tight bod and great conversation.

HLH management was great to me for my birthday, including a free round of shots for myself and wings. Happy hour (which occurs twice a day during slow season) is a great value. Mostly flacas at HLH but Camilla and particularly Valentina have great bods. Sportsmans has a bunch of new bartenders including a scorching hot one with, if I remember correctly, some sort of vine tattoos running from her hips down. Ran into her at Puebla after work and treated her to a few drinks from the bottle of Absolute and cranberry I bought while sitting upstairs in the so called VIP sections. Forget her name.

Posted a few photos in the gallery. Looks like I'll be back for Halloween. Was able to squeeze a room out of Freebird. Bunda.


10-30-2012, 12:54 PM
Thanks for the great report and pics. I have not been there yet but plan on it soon. I was scheduled to be there no had booked Oct. 24 to Nov. 2 but ended up having emergency surgery Oct 4 and had to cancel.