View Full Version : Trains, Planes, and Automobiles...

04-10-2016, 07:29 AM
I see that BangBang, that poor, uninformed soul over on CRT, is once again bestowing his "Pearls of Wisdom" upon the monger community.

I have met this poor soul a few times, and I truly believe that he does want to help, or possibly just impress upon everyone how knowledgeable that he imagines he is.

Sadly... Although he has lived in Costa Rica for Decades, he has No Fucking Clue what he's talking about.

Here's his latest:

"there are no lights nor crossing barriers anywhere"

Ummm... Yes, there are, BangBang. You just probably don't know where they are. Amazing that you've been living in Costa Rica for so long, and have No Idea where the Guarded Crossings are...

Tell us, once again, how the VISA logo on your ATM card means that you have FULL protection from VISA, Inc...

Another "Wunderkid" on CRT posted...

"I don't think these tracks have switches to swap tracks."

Yep. They Sure Do!

Yet another CRT dumbass claimed that the 2 trains collided in Pavas. NO... They were "Pavas Trains". That doesn't mean that they collided in Pavas. Sabana Sur is NOT a part of Pavas. It is in distrito Mata Redonda.

04-10-2016, 07:52 AM
This is exactly why I left CRT, and voluntarily surrendered my CRT Lifetime Membership... It's stuff like this, which makes me CRAZY!

Am I Wrong? Rarely! Am I an arrogant asshole? You BET I Am! That's where the guys from CRT are coming from. They hate me because I know SO MUCH about my profession. What are the Odds?!

People believe what they want to believe, and they'll push aside the best advice that they could possibly ever have, because they don't like the fact that someone knows more than they do, especially when it comes to a subject like online travel booking, where... supposedly... Expedia, TripAdvisor, and all the rest have made us all "Equal." You know what the CRT douchebags really hate? They hate that I can get people like Russ and Bill... Front-Row Seats to THE SHOW!... When Expedia is telling them that they can duplicate everything that I do. I used to have some "Friends" in CR... J, and C, and that other dumb-ass who I invited to live in MY OWN HOUSE! After they took full advantage of me, they proceeded to dump me, and then bad-mouth me to every person in the Gulch. They probably never realized that my business has nothing to do with the Gulch. I can only imagine what they believe has happened to me, as I have been absent from the Gulch for over 3 years. I suppose that "O.G." and the rest of his dickwad friends spread all kinds of shit about me, all over the gulch. That's why I don't go to the Gulch too much, anymore. That was only for my own benefit, anyway. My Clients sure as hell don't go anywhere near the Gulch. If you ever meet up with O.G., his dickwad CR computer-geek friend, C., or that other douchebag that used to come to CR, until he dumped his girl to steal a cop's wife, or that other pot-smoker from the USA... Tell 'em I said, "Hi."