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12-24-2015, 12:01 PM
Yep... We've all done it...

We've landed at some "Podunk" airport that called itself an "International Airport."

"Bullshit!"... right? Au Contraire, Mon Frère!

Many airports... Even very small airports... meet the criteria for an "International Airport."

What is an International Airport? Well...

An International Airport is an airport that... to some extent... offers immigration and customs service to certain aircraft which enter and/or exit the country in question.

In Other Words... If an airport only provides Immigration and Customs service for Boeing 737 aircraft which are painted in white, with blue and pink stripes, and which only carry passengers between the ages of 15 and 17 years old... that is an International Airport.

Now... What is an "Airport of Entry?" Well... that is the One Million Dollar Question... isn't it?

An Airport of Entry is an International Airport that meets a far stricter and broader definition of International Airport.

In accordance with ICAO standards, an airport of entry must admit aircraft and passengers which meet certain criteria, as defined by international standards.


Costa Rica currently has Four International Airports and Four Airports of Entry. Most of the the Goobs who sell travel packages and other such bullshit in Costa Rica have no clue about that. Most of those same Goobs still think that your Passport has to be valid for 90 days to visit Costa Rica. I like to call these Goobs... Amateurs!