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12-23-2015, 11:20 PM
I should have posted this a few weeks ago... It would have been more relevant then. But it's still good info...

So you want to pick up a working girl (or any girl, for that matter) and bring her back to your hotel, apartment, condo, or whatever...

Despite the paranoia over on the "other board", it's really not that big of a deal.

The reason why I wish that I had posted this a few weeks ago is that Christmas is upon us. Here we are, on Christmas Eve. There are lots of working girls out there who would love to make a decent score to give their kid(s) a little something nice for Christmas. I, myself, have always been particularly generous with the working girls at this time of year. I'm not alone. Hundreds of other guys feel the same way. If she gives me a little "Christmas Cheer", I'll make sure that she has enough money to buy her kid the "G.I. Joe with the Kung-Fu Grip" for Christmas. :)

So, now... To my main point...

Question: How many hotels in Costa Rica are "Chica Friendly?"

Answer: ALL of them. But you have to take that answer/concept in context.

Here are the highlights:

["hotel" here means hotel, resort, apartment, condo, etc.]

1) Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, and it is Not regarded as the "World's Worst Profession," either. Puritanical countries like the USA make prostitution appear to be bad. Many other cultures regard prostitution as a regular part of life... Just like the guy that changes the oil in your car or the waitress at the local restaurant.

2) Most hoteliers are not going to mess with a working girl within about one week before Christmas, if they can help it... and if the working girl and the guy that she's with can keep themselves under control, particularly in front of the other guests of the hotel.

3) Why would anyone refuse to let a girl enter the hotel? ... unless she's on some kind of "blacklist", which usually means that she has caused trouble in the past... which also means that you should probably be grateful that the hotel's staff wouldn't let her enter the hotel. Other than that... As long as she's got her ID with her, she's your girlfriend or possibly even a "more serious girlfriend." Who is to say "No?" You can't bring your girlfriend into the hotel? No... It doesn't work that way. On the other hand, if you intend to bring a string of 3 or more girls into the hotel each day, then you Do need to select your hotel more carefully.

4) If you know or suspect that your hotel does not like working girls... No problem. Tell your chosen girl where you're staying and ask her if she has any problems with the hotel. She knows. Tell her that if they won't let her in, it's not your problem... You Asked up front if there were any issues. Get her to change into some regular clothes before you take her back to your hotel. Even if she doesn't have street clothes on her (unlikely), one of her friends does. This is not that big of a deal. I even know a few guys who keep a pair of sweatpants and a jacket in their backpacks, just for the girls. They can get any girl into any hotel... easy...

5) If you're going with the so-called "non-chica friendly" hotel on purpose, then it definitely doesn't hurt to tell reception, as you check in, that your girlfriend will be joining you later. What can they say? If they accuse you of being a monger who is going to pick up a working girl... Take Offense, Harshly! "How Dare You imply that I would sleep with a hooker! Perhaps I should just take my business elsewhere! I will Not have my girlfriend subjected to this kind of disrespectful and vulgar behavior! Thank goodness that she is not here right now to witness this!"

You get the point...

12-23-2015, 11:35 PM
I forgot to mention...

The "Bonus" of taking a girl to a "non-chica-friendly" hotel is that if you have found a decent girl, she will usually appreciate it.

Most of the working girls have seen the inside of HDR, SL, Zona II, Morazon, Cocal, Copacabana, and other such venues... more times than they can count.

If you can find a truly decent girl... and I'm not talking about some poor girl who desperately wants to be a housewife or to be "taken away from all of this"... I'm just talking about a decent girl who isn't out to scam every guy that she meets, and who doesn't think that we're all assholes...

If you just take that girl to a halfway decent place like... and I'm just throwing names out there... I know hundreds of 'em...

Hotel Alta Las Palomas, Marriott Los Sueños, Don Fernando...

or even out to a movie at the IMAX or one of the VIP cinemas...

she'll remember you...

Don't get me wrong... Don't fall in love, and don't attempt to "turn a whore into a housewife", as the saying goes...

But she'll remember you... and you'll have a ready-made companion who will treat you Right every time that you visit CR...

12-24-2015, 02:37 AM
The one thing that made me make this post tonight is something that comes up every now and then, especially around the holidays. I've been caught in this situation at least 4 or 5 times, and boy... did it catch me in a Bad Mood tonight!

I'm spending Christmas (tonight and tomorrow night) with a an "old girlfriend." By that, I mean that she is a working girl, but that she is also a really cool girl. I've known her for a long time. I have no illusions. She's awesome... but it's a physical relationship. I'm not going to be marrying her anytime soon.

So... I checked into the hotel (a non-monger, non-chica-friendly hotel) tonight, at about 8 p.m. I told them that my "girlfriend" would be checking in later, and I even gave the receptionist my "girlfriend's" name.

Well... my "girlfriend" showed up about One Hour ago. She had her ID with her and everything. She was dressed in jeans, sandals, and a loose-fitting top, with a jacket.

I got a call in my room from reception, and reception told me that there was a girl at the front desk asking for me. I asked reception if it was the girl that I had told them about, and if she had her ID with her. Reception answered, "Yes. But we still need you come to reception to check her in."

I just remained silent. The receptionist asked me, "I'm sorry, sir. Did you understand what I said?"

I answered, "Oh... Yeah... I understood exactly what you said."

Another pause...

The receptionist asked me... "Will you be coming to the reception desk?"

I answered, "Oh... Yeah... I'm coming down there right now... And the Hotel Manager had better be there when I arrive."

The receptionist said, "Oh... Sir... We don't need the Manager. I just need you to verify..."

I interrupted her, "Oh, Yes... You DO need the Manager. And he had better be at the reception desk when I get there. I am On My Way!" <click>

I waltzed into the reception area about 5 minutes later, wearing a hotel bathrobe and slippers, with a beer in one hand and a Snickers candy bar in the other hand. The receptionist and the manager were standing behind the reception desk, and the receptionist started to speak to me. I ignored her. I immediately went up to my "girlfriend" and asked her, "Are you OK? Did these people mistreat you?" She answered, "No. They just said that I had to wait for you."

I took a swig of beer and a bite of my Snickers, then turned to face the reception desk. The receptionist said, "Sir... I'm sorry if..."

I answered, "I'm not talking to you... Is this the Manager?" [looking at the other guy]

The manager said, "Yes. I am the manager."

I said, "Well, then... Would you mind explaining to me... why... on Christmas Eve... my girlfriend is standing here in the lobby of your hotel, being treated with disrespect, after I already checked her in with her full name, as soon as I arrived, several hours ago? She has already shown you her ID. So why I am in the hotel lobby at 1 a.m. in my bathrobe?"

The manager answered, "I'm sorry, sir. Please, Miss... I am very sorry for the trouble. Please go to your room with your boyfriend."

I looked down at her bags on the ground, then back up at the manager... and said... "Those bags aren't going to carry themselves..."

12-24-2015, 04:19 AM
This actually reminds me of a fateful incident, about 4 years ago, at the SL.

Do Not misunderstand me... I love the SL, and the owners and staff have always treated me exceptionally well.

However... On this one particular occasion...

There was this one girl at Key Largo that I had spoken with on several occasions, and I finally decided to pull the trigger.

I had never been with this girl before, but all indications were that she was a an excellent choice. I made my customary deal with the girl...

"Back to my room at the SL, stay all night -- which means don't leave or wake me up before 9 a.m. -- for $X." She happily agreed, and everything was OK.


At 6 a.m., she woke me up and said that she had to leave, and demanded the agreed-upon $X... Plus an additional $50...

I laughed her off -- gave her the $X, anyway -- and went back to sleep. She got dressed and left the room.

5 minutes later, she was at the door of my room with one of the SL's security guards, demanding the extra $50.

I instantly said, "You gotta be kidding me!"

The security guard said, "If you don't pay her, it's going to be a big problem! She wants to call the police right now!"

I Rarely pull this card, but on this occasion, I did... and said to the security guy... "You Do know who I am... Right?"

He just looked at me nervously and said, "Yes, Sir. I'm Sorry."

I looked at the girl, and she was smiling from Ear-to-Ear.

I looked back at the security guard and asked him, "So I really need to pay this girl?"

He answered, "Yes, Sir. I'm sorry. There will be big trouble if you don't pay her."

I looked back and forth between the security guy and the girl, 3 or 4 times, then said, "OK! No Problem! Give me just a moment!"

I went to my stash and got some cash.

When I came back... I gave the girl $80 and the security guy $25.

The security guy tried to give me back the money, and the girl said, "No... It's only $50 more."

I smiled at both of them and said, "Nah... You two guys Keep that money. It's for you. Now... Is it OK if I go back to sleep?"

They both looked confused, and then walked away. I went back to sleep.

I have never spoken to either of them again, despite the fact that they have both tried to speak with me and return the money.

That was also the last time that I was with a girl at the SL. If you can't trust the security, then you can't do it, man...

12-24-2015, 04:26 AM
I got finger-blasted at Cocal, too. I've never taken a girl there again, either.

You Really Do have to stick to your one-and-done policy on that kind of bullshit, guys... that's no joke.

It's fun listening to the girls talk to each other at the SL and Cocal...

Girl #1: Speedy1 is a Cheap Guy! He won't take any girl from here!

Girl #2: That's not true... He just got burned by a girl and the hotel staff here once. Just ask him... He'll take you to another hotel... And he pays really well, and treats you right, too!

12-24-2015, 04:47 AM
Many of you will recognize this name:


She's the Nica who hangs out with the other Nica... Anna... at the SL, quite often. I've known them both for at least 8 years. So... Let's talk about Anna and Raquel, shall we?


Once again, I have known both of these girls for many years, and I always considered them to be decent folk. Never had any issues with them... at all... until...

1) One Day... Raquel ran up to me in the back of the bar. The SL was getting raided by the Cops. Raquel (at least at the time) was an illegal immigrant from Nicaragua. She was in full-on "Panic Mode." She pleaded, "Please! Speedy1! Can I hide in your room?" I answered, "Sure, why not?"

I took her to my room, calmed her down, and turned on the TV. I told her, "Just relax. Watch TV. Here's some snacks and stuff in the refrigerator, if you need anything. I'm going back to the bar. I'll come back when the cops are gone."

Of course, she was immensely grateful. I came back to the room about 45 minutes later. All was well, and we went back to the bar.

About 6 months later, I took her from the SL back to my apartment for an all-nighter. After about 45 minutes, she said that she had to leave soon, and that our agreed-upon price of $X for All Night had just become $X + $25 for 2 hours. I just asked her, "How much for you to just go, Right Now?"

With no shame whatsoever, she answered, "$X + $50." I gave her the money as fast as I could and told her to Get The Fuck Out of My House.

2) Anna... I would never have thought that she would have stooped that low... but...

I had not been with Anna for a few months, and she was constantly begging me to spend some time with her. I finally agreed... "OK... How's about 2 or 3 hours... No Rush... for $X? Tomorrow, at 9 p.m.?"

She happily agreed.

Tomorrow came, and I truly... Truly... felt like Shit. Bird Flu, Swine Flu... I have no idea... but I felt like death warmed over.

I still showed up at the SL before 9 p.m. and as soon as I saw Anna, I walked up to her and said, "Sweetie... I am So Sorry! I know that I promised you that I would be here for you today, but trust me... you Do Not want what I have got!"

Then, I said, "I Know that you were counting on me today. You're a good girl, and I don't go back on my word." I peeled off the $X and gave it to her. "Here's the money that I know you were counting on. You can pay me back with my "good time" later, OK?"

She happily agreed.

I would do that for only 3 or 4 girls in the entire world, including Anna. Apparently... I misjudged Anna in that regard.

The next time that I saw Anna, she had forgotten about the entire incident. Bad luck for me...

12-24-2015, 05:18 AM
And here's the point...

You don't have to be particularly rich to pull this one off... God Knows I'm not rich, although I do OK...

But it's important to remember that most of the working girls are in the bar because they're hoping for a $50 or $60 score. Yeah... They say $100... but... nah... it's $50 or $60...

This is Especially important if you're a repeat visitor to Costa Rica (or any other mongering location)...

These girls will very quickly realize that you keep showing up in CR 7 or 8 times every year, with several hundred dollars in your pocket, and they threw it all away for an extra $25.

My current girlfriend -- my Real girlfriend -- has got it Nailed. Latinas love making other Latinas jealous, which definitely makes life a lot more interesting, fun, and hilarious.

I'll be hanging out with girlfriend at the SL or some other Gulch venue, and one of the other girls will walk up to her...

Girl: How are you and Speedy1 doing?

Girlfriend: Great!

Girl: What have you been doing? I haven't seen you downtown lately.

Girlfriend: Traveling.

Girl: Where?

Girlfriend: All over.

Girl: Well... Where have you been recently?

Girlfriend: Actually... Today is kinda boring. I think we're just going to head down to Los Sueños or maybe up to San Carlos for the Hot Springs this afternoon. Maybe spend 2 or 3 nights.

Girl: Isn't that expensive?

Girlfriend: Pfft! It's Just Money!

That Really pisses 'em off!

12-24-2015, 07:49 AM
Alluding once again to the "Anna" incident, which I mentioned earlier...

My own father taught me one thing, very early in life...

"Never give anyone anything that you expect to get back, or cannot afford to lose." That's good advice.

In my early Twenties, I modified this advice into my own axiom and principle...

"I Never lend anything to anyone."

Anything or any money that I "lend" to anyone is merely a Gift. It is up to the person to whom I "give" something to decide if and when to return the item or the money.

I have been involved in several conversations at bars, and in other venues about this very subject. The conversation usually goes something like this...

Guy: Hey! I heard you loaned that dude $500! And he never payed you back! You're such a gullible Dumb-Ass!

Me: I didn't loan that dude anything.

Guy: So, you're saying that you didn't give him $500?

Me: I didn't say That. I just said that I didn't loan him $500.

Guy: But... He's got $500 of your money, and he never paid you back... Right?

Me: That's correct.

Guy: You're an idiot!

Me: Why would you say that?

Guy: Because you "gave" that guy $500, and thought that he would pay you back. And now you're out $500.

Me: But that was a good investment. I invested $500 in that guy, and the investment paid off.

Guy: What do you mean?

Me: Well... I thought that he was a trustworthy, honest, and honorable individual. So... I gave him $500... to see if he would do the right thing and pay me back, when the time came. But he did not. So... Now I know what kind of person that he is. I didn't loan that guy anything. I Bought good information for my money. I Bought the information that he is a dishonorable, worthless piece of shit, for only $500. And... By your attitude... I just got the same information about you... For Free!

Guy: You're calling ME a piece of shit?

Me: You're the one who just laughed at Me for getting stiffed for $500... but you had not One Single Foul Word to say about the guy who essentially Stole that $500 from me. What does that say about you?



I opened up MY HOME in Costa Rica to two guys that I thought were decent people. They both turned out to be completely, totally, worthless, shitbags. If you've ever heard of Skinny Jeff or Chuck, in San José... Those are the guys. I stuck my Dick out for them, and they treated me like complete Shit. Their friend... Jimmy (Fat Jimmy, or Dr. Mario)... he didn't treat me much better.

Thank God that I took my Dad's advice... Never Bet more than you can afford to Lose.

EDIT: But... As I Said...

I had a pretty good idea who Skinny Jeff, Chuck, and Jimmy (Dr. Mario) were... from the beginning. I didn't "Lose" any money on them. I simply "Paid for Information" about them, and that information came fairly cheap. It's good that the info was cheap, because none of them are worth any more than "Cheap."

Skinny Jeff and Chuck, in particular... are worthless excuses for human beings.

12-26-2015, 07:30 PM
I had a great time with "Christmas Girl" this week. Nothing Epic... But it was a nice time. That's fine with me. I walked away happy.

This afternoon, I ran into an old girlfriend... pure coincidence... and I'm thinking, "New Year!" Only one day after Christmas, and I think I've already got a lock on New Year! Sweet! To be up-front about this... Yes, I did offer her money.

However, the girl immediately took offense... "Oh! You think that you can just come up to me and Buy Me for New Year?" She instantly got Super-Offended.

I looked all surprised and apologetic. "Whoa! Whoa, there, sister! I was just making an offer. I'm not trying to say that you're a cheap hooker or anything like that. I was just offering you a good time, and a little 'Bonus' to go with it. It's going to be an awesome night, I'm sure. I'm sorry if I offended you. Geez!"

She calmed down fairly quickly, and apologized. Then she said, "I think... Yes! It's a good idea."

I answered, "I think that you should think about it for a day or two. We have time. You freaked out on me there a little bit. You call me on Monday, and let me know what you want to do."

I don't wanna get stuck with no Psycho Bitch on New Year's Eve.