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11-29-2015, 07:57 PM
I'd like to say in advance that I am sorry about this little rant... but I feel pretty strongly about it.

A colleague of mine (with whom I have had this discussion before) was chatting with me online today about the United 93 Memorial. He said (as he always does), "You know... 44 people died on that flight." As I always do, I responded, "No... only 40 people died on that flight."

He'll then (as he always does) press the issue... "What about the 4 hijackers?"

I'll answer, "Yeah... Like I said, only 40 PEOPLE died on that flight... I don't give a shit how many fucking retarded fucking excuses for a waste of human life, breathing MY perfectly good air, Ass-Clown, fucking not even as valuable as the chunks of lettuce in my cat's stool, excuses for humanity had their pitiful excuses for fucking life extinguished from MY universe on that fateful day. 40 humans died that day... period. I don't give a shit about any 4 fucking disgustingly abhorrent excuses for humanity that couldn't pass for human excrement, that had their lives extinguished on that day. If you can find their bodies, smear them with horse excrement, write 'Allah is a Huge Faggot' on their backs (in the shit), and bury them naked, with their asses pointed towards Mecca. We don't have the ability or the technology to give them what they Truly Deserve, but that's the best that we can do.

I say to the families of those hijackers, as I have said every day since 9/11... "May Allah and Muhammad forgive your family for this disgraceful act, performed by your family member, upon Allah's own creation... humankind. Allah and Muhammad will forever turn their backs upon the Traitor to the Word of God that is within your family. May you and your family be spared from their vengeance."