View Full Version : The "Direct" Flight

11-26-2015, 07:07 AM
I got an email this morning from a guy that I haven't heard from in 10 years...

But, today, he had something travel-related to bitch about, so he decided to email me about it...

He: Dude! I booked a Direct Flight from my home in Winchestertonfieldville to San Josť, Costa Rica, and the plane landed in Miami... and then... I had to get off of that plane and get on Another plane!

Me: Yep. That's pretty normal.

He: What? I booked a direct flight! How can you say that it's normal for me to have to make a connection in Miami?

Me: Well... You have to understand what "Direct Flight" means. As I tried to tell you, over 10 years ago, "Direct Flight" means that the airline decided to give the flight from your home (departure) airport to the hub airport, and the flight from the hub airport to your destination airport, the same flight number. In other words... "Direct Flight" really means, "Surprise, Sucker! Connecting Flight!" Also... to get that last kick-in-the-nuts in there, the airline will only give you mileage credit for the published non-stop distance between your departure airport and the destination airport.

What you want is a "Non-Stop Flight." So... Book a Non-Stop Flight...