View Full Version : Fun With Customs

11-06-2015, 12:54 AM
I've had several humorous incidents (actually, mostly non-incidents) with Costa Rican customs...

1) I brought an electric grill with me from the USA. I found it way cheaper on eBay, with free shipping, than I could find it in Costa Rica. I declared it. When I walked up to the half-asleep Customs guy at SJO, I handed him the form and said, "I have something to declare." I swear... I think this is the first time that this poor guy ever had anyone declare anything while he was working. He was like... "Say What? What the Fuck?" I showed him the grill, still in the box... and handed him the receipt. He looked at it fro a few moments and then stamped the receipt and my Passport. The amount was well below the exemption limit, so I didn't have to pay anything... that was it. The guy gave me that "Thanks for waking me up" look, and waved me out of the terminal.

2) I checked the "NO" box on the "Have you been out of the country for more than 72 hours?" question. When I showed it to the Customs guy, he asked me, "Are you carrying anything that you need to declare?" I answered, "No." He said, "OK", and waved me out of the terminal.

3) Taught to me by a United Airlines pilot... I walked up to the Customs guy with my form and a couple of the little airline bottles of liquor. Don't even have to put the bags on the X-ray machine belt. He just waves you through.