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09-15-2015, 05:05 PM
Another issue that occasionally rears its ugly head over on the Board of Idiots known as CRT...

Yes! You do have to have proof of onward travel (leaving Costa Rica) when you enter Costa Rica.

You will not always be asked for this proof of onward travel. The primary reason for not being asked for proof of onward travel is that as soon as the Immigration Officer swipes your Passport, she can see your return itinerary, if you are traveling on a round-trip ticket on the same airline, in both directions. Even in other circumstances, the Immigration Officer can often still see your return itinerary.

What I do for my clients who are unsure of their return date -- this is very simple -- is to simply book a full-fare, fully-refundable return ticket for a date 85 days after the client's scheduled arrival. Lah De Dah! Problem Solved! As soon as the client leaves the airport, I get the full refund on the ticket, and then we go from there. Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!


Edit: One "Mastermind" on CRT recently posted this pearl of wisdom...

"the airlines want to try to force me to buy an AIRLINE ticket out of CR -- Twice I have had to go to airline management to get the problem solved."

Hey... Genius! ...

BUY... A... TICKET! ... A full-fare, fully-refundable ticket. It's quite easy. Shortly after you pass through Immigration, cancel the ticket and get a full refund. By FAR... this is the best solution for an open-ended traveler. Believe me... the airlines (especially the U.S. airlines) all know the drill. This happens all the time, and all of the airlines expect it. You don't have to go to 'Airline Management' to get anything solved. This situation, and the solution for it, have been around for decades.

The sheer incompetence and ignorance of the travelers that are posting on CRT never ceases to amaze me.

09-15-2015, 10:37 PM
Here's a fun little game...

The next time that you check in at SJO for your return flight, ask the desk agent who she works for. Now, initially, she'll probably answer, "United Airlines." (or another airline name)

But then... ask her... "No. I do understand that you represent United Airlines. What I mean is... What company do you REALLY work for?" Get ready to be surprised.

You won't meet a single fucker at SJO that works for the airline with which you're flying, if you're flying on a U.S. airline... unless you happen to run into a Pilot or a Flight Attendant.