View Full Version : Departure Tax Roll-In

07-05-2015, 08:13 PM
Well... The day has finally arrived...

All of the streams have come together, and airline tickets are now being sold with the Departure Tax included.

Now, as I always say... "Don't count your chickens until the fat lady sings."

Of the U.S. Carriers... American, US Airways, and JetBlue can now sell tickets with the tax included. That does not necessarily mean that all tickets sold on those airlines WILL include the tax. You'll have to check to make sure.

Delta, United, and the others will follow shortly, we hope.

This is all about getting the various computer ticketing systems to work together so that the Costa Rican Government and AERIS get their correct pieces of the pie.

So... hopefully, this is one more thing that you guys won't have to fool with.

Tickets purchased before the date that your airline began participating cannot be re-ticketed to include the tax, as far as I know... but you can call up your airline and pester them about it, if you want.