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04-22-2015, 02:22 AM
i was doing some last-minute verification on the travel data for my upcoming Costa Rica guide, and I was reminded of some really good ideas for air travel within Costa Rica.

I know that most of the guys on this site are only interested in mongering in San Josť and Jaco... and that is perfectly OK. However, if you're interested in some good time-saving ideas for traveling within Costa Rica (possibly with that "Special Girl")... :) :P


Nature Air offers a one-way flight from Arenal/La Fortuna/El Tanque to Quepos/La Managua/Manuel Antonio airport that takes about 30 minutes, versus a 4-Hour-Plus drive time. Also, there is none of the typical check-in bullshit at the El Tanque airport. You sit at the bar (Attica -- an excellent bar, by the way) until the plane shows up. There is no security screening, although there is a little scale that they use to weigh you and your bags.

* Welcome to a world where, quite literally... NOBODY wants to blow shit up! So you just show up and get on the plane. There is no anti-terrorism in Costa Rica, because nobody on Planet Earth wants to commit an act of terrorism against Costa Rica. :)

Both Nature Air and Sansa will fly you to or from Tortuguero in a fraction of the time it takes to drive/ride and catch a water taxi. There are no roads leading to Tortuguero, and the airlines will save you LOTS of time.

Flights to the Nicoya and Osa Peninsulas will save you half a day over driving.