View Full Version : Peace Lodge

10-09-2014, 01:23 AM
I returned from a scouting trip to the Peace Lodge in the Poas/Poasito/La Paz area, not too long ago. Although I've been meaning to visit for at least 3 years, this was my first visit.

This place is definitely going into my "Top 10" Costa Rican Resorts list.

It does have many of the same "Disneyland" qualities that The Springs and other resorts developed by Lee Banks have, which I don't necessarily like a lot. However, the end result at the Peace Lodge is outstanding. It's pricey, just like The Springs -- But, I guarantee that if you take your "Favorita" here, She will fuck you Six Ways From Sunday. I rarely visit a hotel or resort where I just want to stay in the room all day. Peace Lodge is an exception to that rule.