View Full Version : Kudos to the Transit Police

08-22-2014, 02:47 PM
Interaction between cultures is always a complex issue.

I checked out of one place yesterday, and headed off to a three-night stay at another. During a two-hour drive on some twisty mountain roads... All of a sudden, I have a Transit Police Car and three Transit Police Motorcycles right behind me. They follow me for about 10 minutes, staying right behind me. I've been pulled over before. It's usually no big deal, but it has happened. I can usually talk my way out of any ticket, but it's still a pain. After that 10 minutes, my girlfriend (a Tica) is starting to get nervous. I just say, "Look... I'm not doing anything wrong. They would have already pulled me over if they wanted to. Just relax." We both were considering just pulling over at any place to get a water or use the bathroom -- and let the cops pass.

However... When the road opened up a little, the cops jetted past me, and intercepted the big truck about 5 vehicles ahead of us, that was holding up traffic. They pulled that big truck to the side, and motioned all of the cars (including me) to pass by. Now that was freaking cool. That truck should have pulled over earlier. Kudos to the Transit Cops for keeping that traffic moving.