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05-28-2014, 11:50 AM
This was my 1st time in San Jose and I have mixed reviews. I stayed at the Delray ok hotel wifi sucks on 2nd floor, but works well on the 4th floor. I paid $65 total per night no meal included. They also charge you for local calls. I paid cash. I could not use the small frig. You have to use Credit Card cause the Freg has a mini bar: there is a lock. On it LOL. I will never stay there again.

The Good:

Custom at the airport was a breeze and the cab ran the meter $28 from airport to the Delray. The food was good many different places to eat from low budget to high. They also have tons of US fast food. Chains Like Carl Jr, Mickey Dee, KFC and etc. I use $dollars most of the time and change dollars at the delray casino. Last good thing the Flight from NJ was only a little over 5 hours not bad at all.

The Okay:

SJO is not really a sex city IMHO. Most girls walking around in the day time are not hookers. They have a couple of massage. Parlors with 3 to 5 girls working there. The new fanny was the best IMHO I like the sauna and the girls were okay.

The Bad.

The Delray Girls belong in a retirement home. I must say DR is better IMHO. Some of the women look like they are over 50 and are there no gyms LOL. I like slim and thick woman but not fat make up monsters. Too many over weight DR girls in the Del ray. The plastic girls were there too. Slim girls with no ass and fake ballon chest looks like a freak show. I did meet one nice 22 year old tica who was great in bed on my last night. The girls at the Delray are good if you don't won't GFE and they are not real pushy. It was slow so I had to say no more than once to a couple of girls. Stop by scores food and game on the big screen were nice only 3 girls and one was the bartener. Zona 2 next to it was close for It was Sunday in the day time.

Lastly The delray can do without the begging kids and fake pimp outside, but over all not as bad as most places I have been.


Not my cup of tea. I like younger women and there was no beach. I also like all night sometimes not the Hour rate these girls are quick to Quote. The ones who started at $60; I would not take for Free. Most start at $100 or $80 for a hour or 2, But took $60 with no problem. I will try Jaco Beach next time.

06-15-2014, 03:59 PM
Your experience would of been much better if you stayed at another hotel such as the Dunn Inn or LaAmistad.

06-16-2014, 01:30 AM
You kind of came into Costa Rica at one of the major lulls in the tourism industry. We're out of high season, and schools in the USA had not yet let out for the summer.

Del Rey is short on amenities. There have never been many perks to staying in the hotel there. It's solely "Location, Location, Location."

It's true... there is no beach in San Jose.

I don't want to offend you, but it sounds like you came to Costa Rica for the first time with little or no research about the place. All of your observations and disappointments are based on common knowledge about San Jose and Costa Rica. You could have had a much better time, with a little research and forethought.

07-16-2015, 09:32 PM
There are about 15 + MPs with in a 10 - 15 walk of the DR.