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03-01-2014, 07:54 PM
This is actually my second trip to Costa Rica and one that was planned at the very last minute when I was able to get a plane ticket to CR for a steal.

Took an early morning flight from Delta from out of Atlanta, I was truly freezing my nuts off during the whole flight. The flight arrived in San Jose at 1pm, had no problems with customs and took a taxi to town to the same hotel I stayed at last time, Dunn Inn. Despite a last minute reservation it seemed no problem to them as I was welcomed with open arms and given a room on the first floor. After checking in I showered, freshened up, and gotten dressed but was then given a major disappointment upon learning that all of the hotels in Jaco had no vacancies, so it looked like I will be stuck in the gulch instead for the weekend. Despite that I was determined to make the best of my stay so I started my first day back in DR by going to have a steak for a late lunch and then headed to Del Rey at around 5. Setting foot in this place was like getting a sugar rush seeing all the fine ladies walking around. My plan was to have a drink and just relax as well check out al of the talent without just taking the first girl I see. About 20 minutes passed and I have already talked to one girl before another one approached me. I think her name was Christina, a short Colombian brunette and with the tits she had on her you would think she's a cousin of Linsey Dawn McKenzie. After another drink and few minutes of chit-chatting I decided to take this one back to my hotel room. Once she stripped I noticed that she was just a little chubby but her tits were big and natural and best of all weren't sagging. Very enthusiastic in bed doing several positions and topping it off with a titty fuck that ended with me decorating her face. $70 was what I paid. After she left I figure that I would take a 3 hour nap and would have dinner and go to the Blue Marlin. Unfortunately, when the alarm clock was ringing for me to get up I turned it off and went back to sleep.


03-02-2014, 06:38 AM
FEB. 6 (DAY 2)
I slept till almost 11 the next day. After getting up I decided to arrange to take some tours so I wouldn't be bored. Spent the afternoon buying gifts and sending of postcards. Went to the Sportsmen's Lodge at 4 to have lunch. I was planning to pick up my next date there but wasn't to impressed with the lineup of girls there so I headed back to Del Rey. Did my usual routine of relaxing, having a drink, and watch the scene unfold around me. About 10 or 15 minutes later I was approached by a pair of pretty chicas: a tall brunette named Julianne and a short blonde named Diana. They were both very friendly and attractive as well. Had a nice conversation before being offered a threesome. At first I was going to say no because I hear stories of how taking two girls back to your room can lead to either getting conned or robbed, however I have the sense of knowing if something like that were to really happen and from what I observed I felt comfortable to take the two back to my hotel room. Trusting my instincts payed off big for me this time, my session with both Julianne and Diana had to be the some of the best sex I ever had. I was never rushed the entire time and they both obliged with what ever I had asked. They were both natural all around but Diana had a wonderful ass on her. Did several positions with both of them and finished it all of with we blowing my load grinding Diana's ass doggy style while Julianne was grabbing on the family jewels. Though both agreed upon $80 I felt that they did a good enough job earn $100 each.

After they left I decided to watch a movie on my laptop til around 11. Freshened up and headed to the Sportsmen's Lodge again. Was there for an hour before leaving when it looked like all of the girls there were already with their customers for the night. So I ended up back at Del Rey and by this time it was after midnight but the joint only had standing room. I was only there for 5 minutes when I met a honey skinned girl named Celine. She was a slender Dominican and was fine looking. I went on and took this one and it was a fine pick for me. The girl had a great figure on her. Excellent blowjob skills she had which followed with a two hour long session in which she talked dirty to me in Spanish the whole time, WHAT A GIRL. I was wanting to shoot my load all over her booty put that pussy of her's was so wet and enjoyable that I ended up finishing inside of her doing doggy instead. We cuddled together for about 10 minutes before she leaves. I should of asked her to spend the night but that was okay, after all there are still plenty of fish out in the sea. So after that I called it a night.


03-02-2014, 01:28 PM
So far, so good.

03-03-2014, 08:26 PM
Your bit about the clown show was absolutely fucking hysterical. *clap* *clap* *clap* Well done Sir. Well done.

03-04-2014, 12:04 AM
DAY 3 (FEB. 7)
Spent the whole day on a tour at Irazu volcano. Seeing the volcano and the countryside is quite an amazing thing to see in Costa Rica. After my tour did the usual showering and freshening up, went to Sportsmen's Lodge once again and by this time it was now 9pm. Spent about an hour and a half watching basketball and then realizing something important which is that I can now tolerate being at SL, I can relax and mingle without being interrupted. I soon went to Blue Marlin, enjoyed the live music from the band and kept my eye on this girl dressed in a jean suit dancing by herself. She didn't seem to be my type so I wasn't interested but she started following me, I'm guess she saw me staring her down. So I ran across the street to Del Rey and hope I can lose her in the crowd there. But while hiding out I bumped into an old friend from my first trip, it was my old friend Ruby. Worried I may see that other one I decided immediately to take Ruby back to my room. Ruby sure showed what I missed as she gave me an GEE for the rest of the night. This woman made me came four times and wouldn't let up. She left my room at 10 the next morning and left me feeling like I spent all day at the blood bank.